china poultry cages for layer for sale

Animal Rights Activists Welcome Move to Phase out Battery Cages for Layers in India

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Batting for making eggs safe and producing it minus the cruelty, the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) – a collective of organisations working for the promotion of animal welfare in India – has welcomed the move by the Allahabad High Court, earlier this week, which has issued notices to one of the world’s largest poultry equipment manufacturer “Big Dutchman”, the Uttar Pradesh State Government, the Animal Welfare Board of India and the Government of India.

The court had taken cognizance of the illegality and cruelty involved with the widespread practice of raising chickens in battery cages hens for producing eggs.

“The petition is against an upcoming project of Big Dutchman and an Indian company to design and build a barren wire battery cage farm which would house 1,50,000 egg-laying hens. The farm is sought to be established in western Uttar Pradesh. The court notice comes in the wake of a massive campaign instituted to phase out battery cages for egg-laying hens in India,” noted FIAPO spokesperson Arpan Sharma.

More than 200 million hens are confined in battery cages for sale across the country where the floor space allowed per bird is not more than a single A4 sheet of paper. Intensive confinement of egg-laying hens in battery cages india constricts their natural movement and deprives them of their natural behaviour which includes nesting, perching, dust-bathing, roosting, scratching, foraging and exploring. These barbaric conditions, under which the birds are kept in battery hen cages for sale, have a serious negative impact on their health.

china  poultry cages for layer for sale

Considering such extreme conditions in which the egg-laying hens are confined, one year ago the Animal Welfare Board of India issued an advisory to all State governments stating that battery cages for layers should not be used and existing ones be phased out by 2017.

FIAPO spokesperson added that the use of battery cages for laying hens for sale to confine hens is absolutely barbaric.

“The cages strip away the dignity of the hens completely. It’s unfathomable that living beings can be treated with such cruelty. Battery cages for egg laying hens have been banned in Europe and companies like Big Dutchman are now dumping obsolete practices in countries like India where regulations are lax and awareness poor. We are absolutely against such dumping, which harms our subsistence farmers, our animals and our environment,” noted Sharma.

India is the third largest producer of eggs in the world. Currently, at least 70 per cent of its eggs come from commercial farmers that confine their hens to barren battery cages layer hens which clearly violates the provisions of Section 11(1) (e) of the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960.