New concepts and automation equipment for poultry farming

Use the prevention of disease in the past, many people in the use of vaccines, drugs, but as the breeding environment worse and worse, the breeding should establish “a focus on prevention, prevention is better than cure, raise combination of prevention of epidemic prevention. Everyone who is engaged in animal husbandry knows that raising chickens is not so simple, how to prevent the disease, raising good chickens is the key to success.
Reduce the stress factors and create a suitable environment for the chickens. Poor ventilation, dust, crowded, humidity, low temperature, high temperature and humidity is unfavorable, harmful gas content exceeds bid, evil wind, vaccination, drug therapy, such as malnutrition and feed conversion can make chicken group under stress, cause the body adrenal cortical hormone secretion increased, adrenal cortical hormone can significantly damage lymphocytes, and inhibit the phagocytosis of macrophage, increase the catabolism of circulating antibodies poultry immune function decline, so the suitable growth environment is very important.
Traditional poultry farming profit opportunities is to meet the demand of the “quantity”, along with the development of the economy, the continuous improvement of living standards and spending power is growing, people attaches great importance to food safety, people’s consumption concept not only stay on the amount of demand, more important is to meet demand, produce green, organic, no drug residues, the unique flavor of livestock and poultry products, poultry prices would have multiplied. Many of today’s breeders are still producing in quantity and cost, and there is little room for profit. It is the law of business, and it is easy to lose money when the market is weak and the market fluctuates slightly. The development of quality poultry farming industry automatic equipment is the only way for farsighted farmers.
Quantitative feed poultry production automation, mechanization manure removal? automatic water supply, timing, spray disinfection, automated lighting control, temperature, humidity and ventilation, in the current personnel salary raise, under the situation of the breeder is becoming increasingly difficult recruitment, but a lot of savings artificial, reduce labor intensity, a person can manage tens of thousands of laying hens, tens of thousands of chickens.
Based on appropriate scale standardization, automation, is the realization of poultry health cultivation, ensure product quality and safety, ensure the effective supply and achieve the key to breeding ecology, environmental protection, is also an important way to speed up the transformation and upgrading of chicken industry, on the basis of the standardized production, product quality as the core, aimed at industry forefront, grasp the market demand, go the way of the brand, dislocation development, is an effective means to farmers improve production efficiency.
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Poultry farming automated drinking water system

The automatic drinking water system for poultry farming is an essential equipment for the automation and modernization of poultry farming.
The principle of a poultry farm automated chicken for drinking water is to use atmospheric pressure. When the pressure inside the tube plus the pressure inside the tube is equal to the pressure outside, the water doesn’t flow out. Chicken of water and bottle water is falling, when the water drop below bottle, bottle outside air into the bottle, at the same time, the water inside the bottle, the bottle to bottle on web, it can’t go into the bottle, water is not out. So it ACTS as an automatic water supply.
Chicken poultry production automation of water fountain ball valve type nipple water supply system is equipped with advanced water filters, water pressure regulator, can satisfy the laying hens, broiler chicken from being young to into chicken, caged, flat to keep drinking water demand.
Poultry breeding automatic drinking water equipment USES the best quality stainless steel parts with the best corrosion resistance, and the service life is longer. The plastic housing with the best comprehensive performance is the best combination with stainless steel parts. The simple structure of four components makes it more reliable; The double-layer sealing structure is more suitable for all kinds of water quality; Step-wise upper stem can form the size of two kinds of water, meet the size of different chicken water demand.
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Broiler chicken breeding automation equipment for sale

Science and technology is an important engine and power to guide the development of modern agricultural industry. Poultry farming modernization standard poultry farms, insist on scientific management, introducing the advanced battery equipment, breeding the entire automation, effectively reduce the mortality chicken, maximize economic benefits.
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Cascading broiler cage equipment, through high technology investment to reduce the risk of breeding, accelerate the standardization, intensive and large-scale poultry farming.
Broiler chicken cage equipment for frame structure, breaking the original mode of mount, cage was buckles on the scaffold, bearing force of pressure in the bracket above, coop will not appear bending deformation phenomenon, increase the comfort and poultry farming equipment service life.
Poultry breeding automation broiler equipment has a simple and easy to operate automatic water lifting system, improved the chicken water posture, let older chicken will not easily touch nipple, reduce dripping phenomenon, ensure the feces dry.
The water dispenser USES the high quality and high precision taper valve type drinker, the advantage is easy to flush is not easily blocked, the waterline pipe is the square pipe PVC material.
Poultry breeding automation equipment manure removal belt for polypropylene material (custom) according to the climate around the temperature, the bottom width width is 77 cm, 189 cm on two layer manure removal machine drive system framework to choose 120 grams of coating thickness of 2.0 mm galvanized sheet nc forming after spraying production, each layer with a drive motor, reduce the motor idling and dung belt running deviation problem.
A complete set of automated poultry farming broiler equipment selection of quality steel using laser cutting of cold bend forming machine, CNC bending, CNC machine and other advanced equipment processing molding, greatly improving the precision of the product, after the electrostatic spraying (after long-term research and experiment, found the electrostatic powder coating is able to achieve the cleanest coating technology, due to the corona discharge, near its intensive charge, powder by the gun nozzle jet, the formation of coating of charged particles, it is the role of the electrostatic force, adsorb to the metal artifacts, after heating to make powder melt, and natural cooling solidification, formed in the surface of hard coating), improve the corrosion resistance of the product, improve the aesthetic, with imports of aluminum magnesium zinc plated material corrosion.
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Solutions to some problems in the use of poultry farming equipment

Poultry farming equipment markets now laying hens of complete sets of equipment production has entered the golden age of rapid development, laying hens industrial upgrading by mechanization, automation, intelligent system to complete the equipment, and complete sets of equipment application technology bottleneck is the major problem of laying hens that plagues most scale enterprise. The solution of these problems is not achieved overnight. It requires close cooperation and exchange between equipment manufacturers and poultry farming enterprises, making the breeding equipment more suitable for the production of modern poultry industry.
The solution of these problems is not achieved overnight. It requires close cooperation and exchange between equipment manufacturers and poultry farming enterprises, making the breeding equipment more suitable for the production of modern poultry industry.
When selecting feeding equipment, it is necessary to combine the feeding uniformity, dust generation, failure rate and accessory cost. For example, the feeding equipment of chain feeding equipment is uniform and the dust production is less, but the failure rate and accessory cost are relatively high, and these indicators should be weighed. In fact, some feeding systems are equipped with automatic feeding device, which not only ensures the uniform feeding, but also reduces the labor intensity of the manual feeding.
Poultry equipment to solve problems in can’t drinking water system at the same time, the main channel of drinking water pipe can be bold, make the water pressure increasing, and each layer of single water supply, can also turn off the light after a period of time to turn on the light, so that we can guarantee the chicken water at the same time.
There are some advantages to the layer of laying hens in poultry farming raising equipment: saving land, reducing investment in land, and large amount of feed-stock in unit area; High degree of mechanization, reduce labor intensity, reduce labor cost; The chicken coop environment can be controlled artificially to reduce the influence of external environment on chickens. Chicken manure can be processed in time to reduce pollution to the environment. Is the automation, modern poultry farm’s preferred breeding method.
Poultry farming environment control equipment for winter chicken house drying and heating problems, can be heated in the air at the chicken house, humidification, to prevent the air dry. Environment is uneven in the hen house, there are ventilation corner is associated with the effective ventilation rate and minimum ventilation rate, in order to effectively control the ventilation rate, some companies use frequency conversion fan, the practical application of air volume control is not accurate, when production is given priority to with switch control.
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The application and maintenance of laying cages egg hens

Cascading laying hens battery model has improve housing, land utilization, the advantages of lower investment cost, improve the labor productivity, combining with the fully enclosed environment control mode development, formed a set of laying hens intensive feeding, high efficiency management mode. Cascading caged layers are complete sets of equipment basic meet the requirements of the biology behavior of chickens (health and production), are the same kind of caged poultry market mechanical equipment, mechanical and electrical integration of science and technology content in the highest degree of poultry equipment, it represents the poultry farming mechanization, automation development direction.
The cage is the place where the hens live. The structure of the egg-cage is reasonable, which directly affects the egg production performance of the chickens. The density of the mesh grid should be suitable, the strength and elasticity of the bottom net should be suitable, and the Angle of the roll should be reasonable. The broken egg rate is less than 1%. The bottom network should be made of high strength and high elastic quality materials to meet the technical requirements of poultry walking comfort, low breaking egg rate and low dirty egg rate.
In the cascading egg cages equipment automatic poultry farming feeding system, feeding process does not require any person to operate, the entire process is fully automatic. The basic work process is as follows: The feed delivers the feed to the feed storage tower outside the house on time, and then the horizontal feed device feeds the feed in the feed tower to the feed drive hopper of each column cage at a set time. After the last hopper is filled with feed, the in-feed unit automatically stops feeding. Feeding vehicles running back by the set time, running to each end of the cage when the car stopped automatically.
After feeding the feed of the feeding trough (set a certain amount of time), the feeding drive automatically runs to the front end of the cage, and then stops automatically in the head-frame position. In the course of operation, the vehicle once again distributes the feed evenly in the feeding trough, and the process completes the feeding program. The number of feedings per day depends on the specific conditions of each farm.
Water supply water system cascading laying hens caged equipment installed in the each layer on top of the coop, each cage set two nipples, for the left and right sides of the coop chicken only drink water, this chicken spatter spray wouldn’t fall into the chicken manure, make more dry chicken manure. The front end of each waterline is equipped with a filter, smart meter, applicator and pressure regulator. Through the digital information of smart meters, we can learn about the daily water consumption of chickens and the health status of chickens.
In the course of laying hens, manure can become a treasure, or it can become a disaster. Relatively dry chicken manure can be sold directly to farmers as organic fertilizer to grow crops; Or it can be processed into compound granule fertilizer for resale, the profit is considerable. It is not only difficult to handle, but also cause environmental pollution.
The manure removal system of the layer – layer egg chicken cage is unique in structure. Set up in every layer below the coop a belt of longitudinal night-soil, so that each layer flocks of chicken manure scattered on night-soil belt, under the action of the longitudinal flow of air, most of the chicken manure moisture out of the house, make the chicken manure water content is reduced greatly. When waste cleanup, because night-soil level off is smooth, was cleared of chicken manure outside makings, the chicken manure can be directly sold to farmers, can also be processed into compound fertilizer, can not only improve the economic efficiency, and avoid the pollution of the environment.
The automatic egg collecting and conveying system is an important part of the layered laying hens. During the collection and delivery of eggs, any link may affect the rate of broken eggs.
Automatic ventilation and cooling system is the basis for realizing the automation of laminated laying hens. Due to the high density of hens’ breeding, the climate environment in the house is completely controlled by the automatic ventilation cooling system. If the automatic ventilation cooling system is not allowed, the impact on the production of chickens is very large. Therefore, in the design of automatic ventilation and cooling system, according to the climate conditions of local farms, we must not be dogmatic and blind.

What are the advantages of automatic chicken raising equipment?

Automatic poultry equipment mainly consists of a battery system, automated collection of eggs, manure removal automation systems, automatic feeding device, automatic lighting system, environment control system of using automation control equipment design, operation is simple, suitable for different size of the brood, broilers and laying hens intensive breeding. Now a lot of chicken farmers feel gradually cannot meet the needs of their traditional chicken equipment, is gradually from the traditional farming equipment to the automation of breeding, cultivation to the intensive, formal, standardized development.
The unit space of automatic chicken raising equipment is very high density, the raising output quantity is big, can realize the benefit reasonable multiplication. If the chicken is raised in flat or shed, it will take up more space. It’s a lot denser to use the automated chicken cage, so it’s the same building area of the chicken house that raises more chickens.
Using automatic poultry equipment, have professional manure removal and feeding equipment, so that you can timely the feces within the hen-house cleaning out, but also ensures the hen-house environment clean, no pollution, to provide good living environment, chickens with automatic feeding system for chickens to feed can guarantee the uniform feeding, which can improve the homogeneous degree of the chickens grow, laying hens can improve the rate.
Use automatic chicken farming chicken equipment, the equipment can be automatically instead of manual work, so can save labor costs for farmers to use, reduce the cost of farmers hire labor. The use of automation equipment is more convenient for mechanization and can greatly improve labor productivity, which is to greatly reduce labor costs.
The use of automation equipment to guarantee the hen-house environment, like manure removal machine can automatic timing dung, timely sort out chickens to produce waste, reduce the chance of hen-house bacteria and ammonia, hen-house environment good chickens grow naturally. In particular, the vertical ventilation of the stacked cage is large, and the temperature, humidity and wind speed of the air flow are stable, and the chicken manure is naturally dried. The manure is loose with chicken manure, which is not sticky and has a small odor, which greatly improves the air environment in the house.
Automation equipment through automatic ventilation system can automatically adjust the inlet, oxygen content and humidity, ensure the healthy growth of chicken and egg safety, high quality, realize the inner temperature, humidity, ventilation, day-lighting is whether uniform distribution, automated management of wet curtain fan, etc.
Automation breeding hen house generally implement fully enclosed management way, thus can reduce the entry of foreigners, on the one hand, can reduce the stress reaction of the crowd, on the other hand, can reduce external bacteria, reduce the production of chickens disease, improve its survival rate.
The automatic equipment adopts closed feeding management, which is conducive to the control of disease and the control of drug residues, which lays the foundation for the realization of the condition of the chicken health and safety requirements. Chicken eggs are of good quality, be helpful for export, improve market competitiveness, has provided the safeguard to effectively deal with foreign technical barriers, is the current implementation poultry breeding intensive, standardization, and the direction of the high quality and efficiency.

Problems and solutions exist in the use of laying egg hens breeding

Poultry markets now laying hens industry has been fully upgraded to mechanization, automation, intelligent equipment system to complete, but the equipment application still has some problems, the solution of these problems is not achieved overnight, but need us to solve them one by one.
When selecting automatic feeding equipment, it is necessary to combine the feeding uniformity, dust generation, failure rate and accessory cost. For example, the feeding equipment of chain feeding equipment is uniform and the dust production is less, but the failure rate and accessory cost are relatively high, and these indicators should be weighed.
Driving type feeding equipment economic, simple and uniform feeding, suited to the market situation, chain feeding device is suitable for cultivation, twisted dragon type feeding device for feeding velocity, stress, feeding evenly control is better.
In fact, there are now some automatic feeding system is equipped with automatic feeding device, it not only can ensure the uniform feeding, can also reduce the labor intensity of artificial feeding, but kick-out device when meeting a feather can cause congestion, need our further improvement.
Drinking water cups in an automated drinking water supply can prevent chickens from getting wet while drinking water, but drinking glasses should be cleaned regularly to prevent bacteria from breeding. The water tank in the middle of the chicken coop is mainly used for the replacement of the nipple, and it should be cleaned regularly.
In addition, many chicken farms are used to the use of drugs in poultry drinking water, but the powder will be blocked by the filter and affect the effect of the drug. The strainer needs to be washed regularly, and the waterline should be cleaned regularly, but not strong acid or strong base. The length of the waterline is easy to deform during long use or seasonal variation, and is related to the quality of the waterline, and also to ensure the installation is in place.
Finally, we need to know in poultry production automation equipment investment to one pace the designated position, want to good planning and design, step by step, and automation equipment selection should consider the actual production needs, equipment automation must be automated, because of the high labor costs in the future will be more and more, so in order to save labor costs, improve the benefit of farmers, must be use poultry farming equipment.

How to improve the efficiency of poultry farming

The external environmental factors of poultry production play an important role in the health, production performance and disease control of poultry. How to improve the efficiency of scientific farming by selecting feeding equipment from poultry farm equipment?
Many practitioners have a lack of necessary knowledge about the introduction and selection of poultry breeding equipment, and the pursuit of novelty has increased the uncertainty. In order to promote the introduction of better equipment for the development of the poultry farming industry, we now classify poultry breeding equipment as follows.
Poultry farms need to improve the health of poultry immunity, immune system and is not ill breeding poultry must do a good job in two aspects, one is to block the source of infection, two raise poultry immune system.
Some poultry have the obvious advantages of rapid growth and weak constitution, so the development and maturity of the immune organs is one of the key criteria to measure the success of the young. Especially in today’s immunosuppression, it is necessary to pay attention to the health care of the immune organ. In the case of chicken flocks, only the repair of the treatment, repair in the treatment, can make the immune organs to be protected continuously, can raise the benefit of the farmers, improve the productivity of poultry.
Adjusting the growth status of poultry, promoting the development and function of the immune organs of the poultry, and assisting in the repair of damaged tissues or organs to stimulate disease resistance is the main aspect of our future in raising development poultry farming equipment. The health care of the immune organs will be the focus of our healthy poultry farming equipment in the future. So, and the use of proper poultry farming equipment is also an important factor in raising productivity and productivity.
Scientific farming mode with “high investment, high output, high return and low risk”, the characteristics of can prevent epidemics, help farmers reduce the risk of breeding, represents the developing direction of modern farming. To improve the quality of poultry products, smooth over the risk of breeding industry, and to increase employment and raise income, the problem of poultry farming market is very positive.

Egg chicken laying cages equipment suppliers

As farming chicken scale and the development of automation, more and more way to chose a laying farms, but many farmers did not know cages processing technology, how to choose the good quality, long service chicken cages? In the automatic chicken raising equipment, the chicken coop is used as the direct contact with the chicken, and the selection is more important, so as to ensure the healthy growth of the poultry, thus improving the efficiency of poultry breeding.
The poultry raising equipment egg chicken laying cages consists of chicken coop, feeder, sink and rack. The chicken coop is made of cold-drawn mild steel wire welding, and is made by pickling and galvanizing. It is assembled from the front net, top net, back net, side net and so on.
The side net of the egg chicken laying cages is used to divide the chicken cages into a number of grids, each of which has 2~5 chickens, and the common ones are 3~4. In order to make it convenient? The front net is mainly vertical, with the appropriate number of horizontal lines, which is conducive to the feed intake and drinking water of chickens. The vertical line is usually 3 mm in diameter, with an interval of 55~60 mm, and the diameter of the horizontal line is usually 2.5~ 3.0mm. The front net is equipped with a cage door, and the lower part is provided with an inner tilted plate to prevent the chicken from pecking at the eggs.
The top net is made of steel wire with a diameter of 2.2~ 2.5mm. The longitudinal spacing can be larger, with a certain horizontal line, spacing between 50~60 mm. The back net and side net are used to prevent the chicken from running out of the cage with the chicken. Generally, the horizontal line is mainly horizontal, and the horizontal line is 25~ 30mm, which is strengthened by vertical line at a certain distance. The bottom net must be able to withstand the weight of the chicken, leakage of the chicken manure, and can reduce the broken rate of eggs. So the size of the structure is critical. The vertical line and horizontal line are usually arranged in the direction of the bottom of the cage. The spacing is between 22 and 25 mm, and the following distance is supported by a horizontal line, which usually forms a grid of 15~50 mm. The bottom end of the end of the cage extends from 140 to 225 mm, and is concave, as an egg trough.
Poultry farming egg chicken laying cages equipment has scientific cage design, which can effectively reduce the fatigue degree of chickens in the cage, increase the egg rate, and the breakage rate of eggs is 0. The material is the national standard Q235 bridge steel chicken coop, good elasticity, no deformation, never sag. Double dip galvanizing, make chicken cages a few years not to rusty?service life can reach more than 16 years. The table of chicken feed can be changed ?can hold more chicken to eat together. High quality egg chicken cage structure is simple, use material less. Installation control is simple and easy to use. Reduce the chances of a chicken injury.
Poultry high density layers are laminated battery cages has land saving, saves the construction area, chicken a construction investment of low cost, high labor efficiency and production levels, manure utilization efficiency and less environmental pollution etc, is a kind of new mode of laying hens intensive and high efficiency production technology, fully meet the development trend of modern laying hens production.
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The poultry farming chicken house equipment for sale

Keeping the spirit of innovation is consistent, we produce multi-layer poultry farming and breeding equipment, which can keep the chicken until it grows up, so we don’t have to consider changing the house in its growing season. The system is more suitable for poultry growth, so it can not only effectively control the disease of poultry, but also reduce their irritability and reduce the workload.
Our poultry farm equipment has good performance. In drier areas, regardless of the low temperature of 30 degrees, or high temperature, high humidity weather region, our equipment is still running well, create a suitable temperature and humidity conditions for improvement of the poultry breeding benefit.
The our sale of high-quality poultry farm equipment has brought more open prospects to the poultry market and brought greater and obvious benefits to farmers.
First of all, the sale of poultry farm equipment can save more cost for farmers, and the equipment is made of solid materials and long service life, so that customers can get another layer of guarantee.
Second, easy to customer farm delivery and installation and maintenance, easy to control insect disease, and other common diseases, and the use of poultry equipment for breeding hen house per unit area is far more than the number of traditional way of farming.
Finally, chicken manure can directly down on manure removal equipment, let the hen house dust greatly reduced, through reduce the chance of producing a disease infected feces, greatly reduce the incidence of the chicken, the minimum amount of exercise have limited to animals, reduce energy consumption, save feed, can avoid to improve waste spending levels, stunted chicken significantly reduced, thereby reducing the labor intensity of farmers.
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