2019 Nigerian customers visit the Livi factory and reach a cooperation

In June 2019, our factory received a visit from a customer from Nigeria. And finally the two sides reached a cooperation intention. The Nigerian customer signed the order contract on the spot. The customer purchased the layer chicken cages, the gantry feeding machine, the scraper and the related equipment in our company.


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Manufacturer of poultry farming automation equipment

Poultry farming automation equipment with use problems and solutions, with the development of science and technology, the progress of the society, mechanization, intelligent, automation is more and more thorough popular feeling, automation equipment is penetrated into all walks of life, poultry breeding industry is no exception, poultry farming equipment is becoming more and more advanced, the number of people use more and more, to improve the farming efficiency, increase the farmers benefit.
It is a suitable feeding mode in the construction of large-scale and intensive healthy breeding system. Long service life, high space utilization. There are some advantages in reducing the cost of egg production and egg production. Mainly because feed, water and electricity and labor cost fell sharply.
Poultry farming layer egg chicken battery equipment is equipped with automatic system, automatic water system, automatic feeding system, automatic manure removal system, automatic ventilation cooling system, cage frame system, insulation system, lighting system, etc. With the rising cost of labor and energy, the advantages will be further reflected.
Use automation poultry farming equipment can greatly improve the environment for the chicken breeding, aquaculture environment improved, the crowd will improve overall health condition, to disease resistance will also increase, virtually reduced the use of drugs. And the establishment of automated chicken coop forms a relatively sealed small environment, which is conducive to the control of chicken farm environment. In addition, the automated chicken coop is more economical to feed, fuel and other poultry farming resources.
Therefore, we need to reasonably purchase the automatic equipment for raising chickens, so that the farm can have a reasonable and comfortable environment for the healthy growth of poultry and bring benefits to the farmers.

poultry farming equipment manufacture
poultry farming equipment manufacture

The automation of poultry farming equipment will become a farming trend

With the development of poultry farming automation equipment manufacturing, and poultry farming equipment constantly updated, poultry farming equipment industry is becoming more and more fierce competition, the farming equipment throughout the breed relative investment in reducing unceasingly, makes the automatic hen-house across a wide range of popularity. With the increase of labor cost and management cost, farmers are actively developing towards moderate scale, standardization, automation and intelligent breeding. “Human tube equipment, equipment raise chicken” will become more and more common, future automatic poultry farming equipment must become the choice of poultry industry industry.
Poultry farming automation equipment is now farmers one of the important farming method, this method is to poultry farming in cages, and according to the different variety, size, and planning models of cages, and equipped with manure removal, feeding, pick up eggs, ventilation cooling large automatic poultry equipment, such as large automatic poultry equipment mainly improve breeding density, feed reduce saving, is conducive to the of the chickens epidemic prevention etc advantages.
Poultry farming cages automation equipment including laying hens cage, broiler cage, brood cage three, most farmers are now using a battery cage, the battery cage feeding convenient save space, can effectively prevent infectious diseases, improve the survival rate of chicken, thus improve the economic benefit.
Manure removal poultry farming automation system, widely used in the caged animals out of excrement and urine, can realize unmanned management, automatic timing dung, easy operation, automatic manual arbitrary transformation. Equipment adopts caterpillar manure removal to clean up don’t need a lot of people, not only can easy management and chicken manure as manure removal equipment run to the end fall into night-soil belt sent to pull dung away and can improve the inner environment, reduce the happening of the disease.
Poultry farming feeding equipment of the feeder has a unique structure, novel and practical, save time and effort, feeding uniform, less wear, use dc motor driving, low noise, easy operation, flexible steering, switching the space is little, convenient maintenance, so it was very popular among farmers, the feeding machine not only saves time, but also the liberation of human. Feeding machine directly feed, safety, convenience, energy saving, no noise, chicken reaction is small, very convenient.
Poultry farming automatic egg collection equipment is large laying hens farms and essential equipment, set the egg machine main function is to transfer the eggs from the cage to a place together, so that the workers pick up eggs without running around, from one place to pick up, reduce the pick up egg industry labor, but increases the work efficiency, so as to achieve the effect of the cost savings.
Automatic poultry farming equipment, as the name implies, with the development of science and technology leading the industrial revolution, chicken automatic poultry equipment including automatic feeding machine, automatic manure removal equipment, automatic egg collection equipment? automatic temperature control system, etc., as the human more and more expensive, many farmers in order to save labor costs, more and more farmers began to use automatic poultry equipment, which is the result of industrialization is more and more advanced, so, how to select automation equipment has also become a trial to each of the farmers, what causes such result? Because there are too many manufacturers and the equipment is similar, but the production process is uneven, the quality is also very different, so how to choose? My suggestion is to choose our Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

Automated layer egg chicken equipment used in poultry farming

The rapid development of science and technology drives the development of poultry farming industry, poultry farming now cannot leave the poultry farming automation equipment to help, poultry farming modern equipment to bring a lot of help and efficient, and made a great contribution for the farmers to improve business efficiency. In particular, during these years, the use of poultry farming automated laying egg chicken equipment has become a trend.
The method of use poultry farming automatic laying egg chicken equipment a high-density feeding method, which not only saves the land, but also saves the land more than traditional farming. Centralized management saves energy and resources, reduces the incidence of avian diseases, unique cage door design, effectively prevents the head up and down to waste feed when the chicken feed. The equipment can be adjusted according to the size of the ground, and there is a complete set of matching equipment from the chicken to the entrance. Laying hens cage is specially for laying hens farming cages, in order to overcome the inflammation caused by the bottom of the cage hard chest layers are, use high quality alloy wire cage layers are more groups, avoids the poultry adverse reactions may occur.
Poultry farming layers egg chicken equipment high level automation, automatic feed regularly every day, drinking water, manure removal, wet curtain cooling, active control, saving energy consumption, to reduce the cost of captivity, greatly improve the raise animals breeding power, improve the breeding benefit.
Use of laying hens breeding automation equipment can effectively prevent disease, don’t touch the feces in poultry in daily production, can make a more robust growth, poultry for poultry provide a clean, warm environment, effectively improve the occurrence of some conditions.
Use laying hens breeding automation equipment can save a lot of feed, feed poultry live in cages, exercise less, less energy consumption, can effectively improve the feed rate of return, saving money on feed costs?besides, it is also convenient for breeding users to manage chicken coop and save more time, which can effectively reduce the advantages of labor cost.
Therefore, we need to reasonably purchase the automatic equipment for raising chickens, so that the farm can have a reasonable and comfortable environment for the healthy growth of poultry and bring benefits to the farmers.how to build a cage for chickens

Advantages of the use of poultry farming automation equipment

In the vigorous development of science and technology today, poultry farming automation equipment development is very rapid, automatic feeding system, automatic egg collection equipment and manure removal equipment such as various automation poultry products also arises at the historic moment, then you know the advantage of using automatic poultry equipment, the following will give you a brief introduction of the use of poultry automatic poultry equipment advantages.
Poultry automatic chicken raising equipment has only started to rise in recent years. With the emergence of the egg-laying cage, the poultry industry in the world has been developed on a large scale. With the decline of the feed price and the increasing mechanization degree, the poultry market has begun to develop into a large scale, intensive, automatic and high efficiency. On the basis of the analysis of various statistical data, the upgrading of farming mechanical products on a large scale, make farming machinery equipment with modern high technology level, the mechanization of laminated caged water technology of laying hens and chickens, feeding, chicken manure cleaning processing, eggs collection and egg processing tend to be automated.
Using poultry farming equipment automation, hen house can implement fully enclosed management way, can reduce the stress reaction of the crowd, still can reduce bacteria, reduce the production of chickens disease, improve the survival rate of poultry. All the equipment of the poultry farm automation equipment can be operated automatically, which can save labor cost for the farmers and reduce the cost of the farmers’ labor.
Using poultry automatic farming equipment covers an area of less, so that farmers in the hen-house built don’t need to build the hen house of large area, so that farmers and be able to save a lot of the hen house of area of rental fees.
Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a production, promotion and sales of poultry farm machinery and equipment industrial entity, strong technical force, advanced machinery equipment. Equipped with automatic manure removal, automatic feeding system, feeding trough and other automatic chicken feeding equipment. With the first-class products, reliable quality and high quality service, the company has won the trust and recognition of the majority of users, and welcome you to come to choose and buy the chicken farming equipment.

The wide application of poultry farming chicken cage equipment

In today’s poultry farming industry, raising chickens is still a big project in the poultry farming industry. As a part of agriculture and a leading industry, more and more people are involved in the breeding industry. It is worth noting that the traditional artificial chickens a day favour to night, time consuming, the production efficiency is limited, but with the aid of automatic poultry farming equipment, is easy and efficient, tradition and modern form a huge contrast. How to achieve high yield with modern farming chicken equipment.

H type poultry farming chicken cage
H type poultry farming chicken cage
poultry farming chicken cage A-type
poultry farming chicken cage A-type

Breeding “sustainable development” has been put forward as early as a few years ago, but automatic farming equipment also can contribute to sustainable development is in the process of equipment used in recent years gradually realized by people. Using poultry farming chicken cages automation equipment can greatly improve the environment for the chicken breeding, aquaculture environment improved, the crowd will improve overall health condition, to disease resistance will also increase, virtually reduced the drug use, and the establishment of the automatic hen-house form a relatively sealed small environment, conducive to farm environment control. In addition, automated chicken coop is more economical for poultry farming resources.
The poultry farming chicken cage equipment adopts the latest technology to make the chicken cages convenient, the ventilation effect is good, the equipment is reasonable, easy to clean, the economy is durable, wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, the switch is convenient.
The poultry farming chicken cage equipment is mainly used in the way of high density feeding. This approach reduces the contact with the feces of poultry, is helpful to control the disease, but also raise the breeding density, reduced the area, make the laying hens rate increased by 6 ~ 10%, fertilization rate increase by about 10%. The cage farming chicken equipment according to its section type has the laminated type, the step type, the half step type. The number of cages can be single, double and triple, up to eight floors.
For the development of large-scale farming, advanced modern poultry farming equipment is indispensable. The advanced poultry breeding facilities and equipment have different performance characteristics and must be matched with the different production methods, objectives and scale of the breeding enterprises. Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd according to user needs to know more about the corresponding poultry farming facilities, equipment performance and characteristics, development and production of the automation of breeding equipment to achieve the scientific and reasonable, give full play to the farming equipment in the process of breeding has the bigger role.

poultry farming equipment
poultry farming equipment

Introduction and application of poultry farming automation equipment

There are two kinds of automatic chicken raising equipment, one is the ladder automation equipment and the other is the cascade automation equipment. So today I’m going to give you a little bit of an overview of how to use automate poultry farming cascade cages equipment.
Poultry cascading automation equipment the cage must have highly accurate automation equipment to complete the whole process of chickens, must want to have more advanced production technology to keep up the good performance of cage, currently on the market there are three kinds of production technology for breeding chicken the cage to choose farmers.
The first is cold galvanizing, also called galvanizing, the zinc coating is thin, 6-7 years of life, do the ordinary artificial breeding cage is still careless, but the automatic equipment chicken cage is not to be considered.
Followed by hot dip galvanized, also called hot dip zinc, zinc coating thick, not easy to rust, high durability, with 15 years to 20 years, but the drawback is uneven in the zinc pool leaching zinc, cause burr industry problems (which is), more easy to scrape off the chicken feather, easy to break that got the eggs, egg broken rate is high, can’t do brand egg.
Finally, electrostatic spraying. Also called static plastic, is made by high voltage electrostatic powder coating the gravity of the adsorption to the basket, can automatic poultry farming equipment in the middle of the chicken coops and coating formed a kind of high corrosion resistance of phosphating film, coating is fixed on the surface coop is not easy to fall off, bending will not fall off even casual 360 degrees, under the action of strong acid, also won’t corrode, durable, with 15-20 years, because of the high voltage electrostatic adsorption, surface is smooth and beautiful, no burr. Because the surface is smooth, so can make high-quality brand egg, make the egg value is higher, make the brand value of the chicken field also rise. So electrostatic spraying of the chicken coop is one of the best materials to automate the cascade automation.
It can be used in poultry farming cascade automatic equipment, which can be selected for the layer number, which can reach up to 10 floors. The unit space is very high in density, and the production capacity is large, and the efficiency can be multiplied. Automatic feeding, drinking water, saving manpower, raising labor productivity, improving egg material ratio. Automatic egg collecting equipment, reduce labor cost, high efficiency and stability. Conveyor automatic manure removal system, dry cleaning, saving labor, can clean the manure many times a day, greatly reduce the respiratory diseases of chickens. The feeding concentration reduces the flow of staff in the chicken coop, which is conducive to the prevention and control of chicken disease and the protection of poultry health.
Automatic poultry farming equipment, as the name implies, is to save human, with the development of science and technology leading the industrial revolution, chicken automatic poultry equipment including automatic feeding machine, automatic manure removal machine, automatic picking up laying hens, automatic temperature control system, etc., as the human more and more expensive, many farmers in order to save labor costs, more and more farmers began to use automatic poultry equipment, which is the result of industrialization is more and more advanced is the necessity of developing poultry industry.

The importance of ventilation in poultry farms

At present, with the development of modern poultry farming industries, has been labor shortages or expensive, chicken caged artificial insemination labor intensity, and the problem of pollution therefore needing in this cage’s research and development, and according to the size weight of poultry farming cage net wire thickness and basket size parameters. Design and develop different types of cages according to different width and length of poultry.
The ventilation of poultry farming houses provides fresh air necessary for the maintenance of life. It also helps to reduce extreme temperatures, humidity and air pollution to the limits of tolerance. Improved environmental control systems also make high-density farming possible, reducing the cost of building a unit of chicken. Because ventilation system reduces production cost and reduces labor cost, it is of great economic significance.

poultry environmental control system-for-sale
poultry environmental control system-for-sale

The air in circulation removes too much heat, moisture, dust and odors from the chicken coop, while reducing the number of airborne infectious organisms. A properly designed environmental control system also the heat generated by poultry to save some energy. Providing proper ventilation for poultry is an art, but it can be controlled by a determined and willing poultry farmer. Of course, this is a challenge, because the poultry houses are different, and the need for ventilation varies with each day’s different time, season, temperature, humidity, wind speed, chicken age and density.
In an enclosed chicken coop, air composition changes if the air is not exchanged. The concentration of carbon dioxide, ammonia and other harmful gases accumulates above the level of the chicken’s intolerance. And inside and outside the hen-house environment control system has carried on the exchange of air, it has brought chicken and will breathe the oxygen required to sustain life and produced by the waste produce harmful gases and odorous gas discharge. And it dilutes the air’s infectious organisms, keeping them at levels that the chickens can afford.
The change of environmental conditions in modern poultry farming equipment production will reduce the efficiency of natural ventilation system. In order to maintain the stable temperature to ensure the maximum comfort of the chicken, mechanized ventilation and natural ventilation system are used to enhance the efficiency of poultry breeding.

Poultry environmental control system-in-china
Poultry environmental control system-in-china

A brief discussion on poultry farming automation equipment

Now is poultry production automation is period of rapid development, animal food annual growth continues to rise, after few years there will be a lot more money into farming, the growth of the most obvious change is more and more large farms replaced the past small-scale farmers became the main poultry market. And use poultry farming equipment automation can greatly improve the environment for the chicken breeding, environment control improved, the crowd will improve overall health condition, to disease resistance will also increase, virtually reduced the drug use, provide guarantee for poultry health.
The development of poultry production automation, nature cannot leave the application of new equipment, new technology, using modern science and technology, environmental protection launched a high level of automation poultry farms, out of the way to a virtuous cycle of poultry farming.

poultry  farming equipment
poultry farming equipment

Farms that use to automate poultry farming equipment look like factories on the outside. When walking into the indoor, you can see that the chicken house is fully enclosed, feeding the chicken, drinking water, removing feces, controlling room temperature, adjusting the light, etc., as long as one press the button to complete.
In this kind of poultry farming field automation, generally the chicken coop can choose each column 5 rows, each row 4 layer cages equipment, belong to the cascading laying hens cage, each row and countless small grid according to the proportion, a few chickens in each grid. Each cage top installed a feed tank, a water pipe, the field has a large driving feeder, feeding, simply click the button, driving whole moves slowly, equipment began to constantly sending food to feed slot.
Poultry drinking water is more convenient, there are special water taps on the pipes, just make sure the pipes are free. Removal of excrement, room temperature regulation, light regulation and other work are accomplished through mechanical manipulation, which is highly efficient and convenient.
Above is our today, for example, about the use of poultry farming model some of the advantages of automation, although automation breeding can guarantee farmers better profits and optimize farming methods, but also in the process of breeding careful, diligent care, observation, epidemic prevention and control measures properly, the benefit will be better.layer chicken cage design

Automated poultry farming equipment for broiler chickens

Many farmers will think your hen-house chickens quantity is more, you will be busy don’t come here, need to hire Lab-our to manage in a crowd, don’t have a high cost, actually otherwise, the chickens on the cage breeding, its range is very small, so feed in various aspects, such as water feeding more convenient in management, flat to raise breeding need to how much human use coop even increased the number of so many also won’t increase the manpower, and conditional farmers will also purchase automatic poultry equipment to assist the breeding, automatic feeding, manure removal etc, more do not need manpower cost.
Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd the main research and development of the production of the automatic poultry farming equipment for the production , the automatic equipment for laying hens, and the automatic equipment for raising young, can also be customized according to the needs of customers.
First of all, the fully automatic chicken caged equipment, which is the quality of the chicken that some farmers choose, does not match, which will also affect the normal life of the chickens. So we choose automatic poultry equipment, the equipment should be matched between, for the normal growth and development of chickens and reasonable flow, give full play to the farming equipment utilization and availability, make contribution on each hen or egg per kilogram of depreciation cost more reasonable, which could reduce production cost, improve the breeding benefit.
Secondly, there are many mistakes in the use of automated poultry farming equipment. There are a lot of chicken raising area often too small, feeding density too large, feed and drinking water trough not enough. At the same time, raising the young, raising the proportion of the egg chicken and the imbalance, the broiler, and do not meet the requirements. This situation has seriously affected one of the important factors of poultry economic benefit.
With the progress of the society, also began to use on farmers work in poultry production automation equipment, automation equipment can be used to farming different day age of chickens, the automation equipment in chicken farming industry was deeply loved by everyone. Mainly has the following characteristics of automatic poultry cage has a strong and durable, beautiful and easy, and the device is also used in the production of low carbon steel cold wire drawing, very strong and durable. At the same time, the equipment also adopts special process steel wire, so it can withstand the stacking of 3 to 4 layers, which helps the farmers to save a lot of breeding space, and indirectly saves the breeding investment.
In the end, the automatic chicken cage equipment, the equipment in the design, also added the unique cage door design, effectively prevent the chicken from feeding on the head up and down to waste feed. These are the benefits of using caged broiler equipment, and hope that the above content can help you.
We are an excellent poultry farming equipment manufacturer and supplier with advanced and complete production lines as well as strong technical team. Our products are exported all over the world and we have designed and manufactured poultry breeding equipment to meet the needs of our customers one after another. Reduce the investment risk of customers, so that customers in the shortest possible time to obtain high-yield, highly praised by customers.