Automated poultry broiler breeding cage system for sale

Advantages of automated poultry broiler breeding cage equipment

The development of modern poultry farming has experienced twists and turns. So far, there has been a  great development in poultry farming. Many small ranches work well and are well managed. Poultry farming scale gradually expanded, expanding profits, expanding reproduction. And began using automated poultry broiler breeding cage system.
From the chicken cop heating, the traditional chicken house heating space is unbalanced, high energy consumption, poor results, not ventilated, often because of the lack of fresh air, causing a variety of diseases.
However, the automated poultry breeding cage system, combined with the environmental control system, allows the heating to be supplied to every part of the chicken coop, internally and externally circulated, freely switched over, warming and ventilation can be synchronized to rapidly improve air quality in the house, effective prevention of respiratory diseases.
Automated poultry broiler breeding cage system with a high degree of automation, not only saves the land resources but also saves labor costs, reducing the cost of medication while also saving the feed.
Poultry broiler breeding cage equipment automation can effectively improve the breeding density, and in density than traditional farming density can be more than 2 times.
Another advantage of broiler breeding cage systems is that broiler chickens are not contact to manure, clean and hygienic, and are equipment with automated manure removal equipment and ventilation to ensure good air quality in the house and provide favorable environmental conditions for poultry growth, disease control can also effectively reduce the incidence of disease epidemic situation.