Automatic farming chicken equipment advantages

Poultry farming chicken equipment is one of the producers of the more important farming method, the method is to laying hens breeding in the use of wire welding into the basket, according to the different varieties and planning models of cages, and equipped with manure removal, feeding, pick up eggs, large chicken equipment such as ventilation cooling, large chicken equipment, the main advantage of with lifting breeding density, feed, is conducive to saving chickens and epidemic prevention.
Basket including laying hens, broiler cage, brood cage three, most farmers are now using a battery cages, the battery cages feeding convenient save space, cage can effectively prevent infectious diseases, improve the survival rate of chicken, thus improve the economic benefit.
The defecation system is widely used in caged poultry excrement removal equipment, which can realize unmanned management, automatic timing cleaning, simple and fast operation, automatic manual conversion. Adopting poultry manure removal equipment to clean up don’t need a lot of people, not only can easy management and chicken manure as poultry manure removal machine run to the end fall into night-soil belt to pull dung away and can improve the inner environment, reduce the happening of the disease.
Automatic poultry equipment of the hen house whole airtight, mechanization, automation, will create growing environment for chickens, by create good environment for the crowd, the crowd disease less, give full play to the production performance of the strengthened chicken fast weight gain, high uniformity, good feed reward, at the same time increase the breeding benefit guarantee the biological safety and food safety.

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