The automatic poultry farming equipment farmer use

The traditional control technology of chicken house in small and medium-sized chicken farms is basically artificial or semi-artificial control. The control accuracy and the automation degree is not high, the performance is single, many operation should be controlled by the person, the labor productivity level is lower, is not conducive to the scale raising chicken.
It is necessary to have modern chicken and mechanical equipment, and modern farming concepts are needed to create a good modern chicken farm. Modern chicken mechanical equipment including: heating equipment, ventilation equipment, water supply equipment, feeding machinery, set the egg mechanical equipment, mechanical equipment, basket, night-soil light machinery and equipment, and so on. The concept of modern farming includes: to cultivate a good sense of seed, to raise the young to be equally important, to attach importance to daily management, to strengthen disinfection, to pay more attention to the quality of feed, etc. But poultry machinery is a broad term, not only refers to the chicken industry machinery, the forage processing machinery, feeding machinery and so on.
Generally speaking, the mechanization degree of chicken farm equipment is related to the production scale of chicken farm. The larger the scale of chicken farm, the higher the mechanization degree of the chicken equipment. Small scale, chicken equipment mechanization degree can be lower, even manual labor. According to market conditions, the city’s chicken farms can build a higher mechanization degree of chicken equipment, and the other small and medium-sized chicken farms should adopt the mechanized production mode of semi-chicken equipment. However, no matter how mechanized the chicken equipment mechanization degree, need certain mechanical equipment. The emergence of farming chicken machinery and equipment has brought great convenience to all the chicken farmers, and the main use of farming chicken machinery has saved great human and financial resources.
Now, the automatic aquaculture system USES superimposed layers of structure to set up the , which can effectively utilize the limited space and greatly reduce the cost of the breeding space.
With these poultry farming equipment, farming is easy and efficient, and your success is easy.