Characteristics and sales of poultry farming battery equipment

Poultry cages is one of the user’s main farming equipment, design corresponding chicken varieties of supporting cages should be in line with the chicken house and management style, choose reasonable structure cages, effective and reasonable use of space inside the chicken house, more can provide chickens with comfortable to adapt to the growth of environmental conditions, to ensure a healthy chickens growth rate and improve the benefit of laying hens breeding.
Caged poultry farming equipment including chicken coops and cage, current production of the bench and cascading cage frame. Coop cage frame is the basic requirement of the surface is flat, crack, bending, no welding material defects, such as, when the cage frame and cages after assembly should be neat and beautiful, firm structure, did not tilt, not shaking. Coop cold drawn steel wire welding and become, cage length is determined by the length of chicken diet.poultry farming battery cage equipment
Our company specializes in producing all kinds of poultry battery cage tools, with advanced production technology and automatic welding equipment. It is suitable for raising hens, egg chicken and chicks. The material is mostly low carbon steel wire, smooth surface, no crack and scratch, maintain permanent high hardness and high elasticity.
The main features of the cage equipment are smooth, preventing the chicken from being infected with the foot injury, the network and the bottom network encryption, can effectively prevent the egg chicken fatigue syndrome. Plate galvanizing, improve service life 6-7 times.
A high-density battery basket equipment for poultry breeding easier to manage, save space, than free-range farming economical use of land by about 50%, centralized management to save energy and resources, reduce the incidence of a disease, the unique door design, effectively prevent the chicken in to gather the food waste feed head shake. The automatic drinking water system can be installed according to the size of the site.
In short, the size of the cages around the same, how to use basic same, use than conventional breeding can reduce the chicken coop breeding poultry exercise, reduce the energy consumption of chicken to facilitate raising management, epidemic prevention and disinfection. The rational use of chicken cage raising chickens can reduce the labor intensity of feeders, reduce the cost of feeding and improve the economic efficiency of raising chickens.