Features and sales of poultry battery chicken cage systems

Due to the rapid economic development, people’s living standard and economic strength have also been continuously improved. However, in the area of poultry farming, the poultry farming chicken cage system has evolved from farming outdoors to a highly automated house. This is most evident in poultry farming.

battery chicken cage
battery chicken cage


Characteristics of poultry farming battery chicken cage

The vast majority of chickens are now housed in a cage-type cages system. Mechanization and automation play an important role in reducing production costs and increasing productivity.
One of the major advantages of such a chicken cages system is the improved hygienic conditions and reduced poultry contact with faces and other poultry, thereby reducing morbidity.
The chicken cage system is used for the basic water consumption of to prevent and relieve the external and pollution. The dynamic chain feeding device used for automatic moving of the vehicle or the timing device increases the level of feeding automation. It may even be adjusted to the number of chickens per cage, the actual temperature of the chicken cages and the amount of feed left over from the last feeding. And then the amount of feed needed for each chicken cage delivery.
Conveyor chicken stool below the manure in the dry air, to reduce transport costs, reduce ammonia emissions, and is used to dry the air in the chicken manure, also improve the microclimate inside the cages, battery cage is conducive to further automation of the production process.

Poultry farming battery chicken cage for sales

The surface treatment of chicken coop has cold galvanizing, hot galvanizing technology can be chosen by customers, and the quality of the thick silk diameter can double the use of the chicken cage. And it has strong and durable, beautiful and generous, easy to apply, save space performance. It is an ideal choice for farmers.
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