The battery broiler cages manufacture and character


The manufacture and application of the battery broiler cage has enabled the poultry farm to realize a rhythmic production mode and adopted a closed feeding mode. The entire process is highly mechanized and automated, which effectively increases productivity and saves labor.
The characteristics of battery broiler cages can be broadly divided into high stocking density, reduced labor productivity, high feed remuneration, less pollution and easier disease control.
Battery broiler cage structure is divided into, at the end of the net, the top net, the former net, after the net and two side net composition. Bottom net should have a certain flexibility, slope and strength, so as to increase production, reduce broken egg rate, is conducive to load-bearing.
Battery manufacturing chicken cage is designed for chicken cages, in order to overcome the chicken breast inflammation, caused by the bottom of the cage hard and much is made of high quality plastic chicken cage group, chicks from into the cage until the slaughterhouse, turn again without cage, saves on the catch chicken, also avoid the chickens may be bad.
Main advantages are battery chicken cage, a high degree of automation, it can realize automatic feeding, drinking water, night-soil, wet curtain cooling, centralized management, automatic control, saving energy consumption, improve labor productivity, reduce artificial breeding cost, greatly improving the breeding efficiency of farmers, chickens and epidemic prevention, effective prevention of infectious diseases, the chicken does not contact dung, can make chicken more healthy growth, to the growth of chicken provides a clean and comfortable environment, such time greatly in advance, to save space, raise the breeding density, density of a battery 3 times than flat have high density, saving aquaculture feed, steamed chicken can save aquaculture feed, a lot of chickens in cages, exercise less, less energy consumption, waste materials, and research data show that a battery can effectively save production cost by more than 25%, strong and durable, caged poultry equipment using hot dip zinc process, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, service life up to 15 ~ 20 years.
With the rapid development of the scale, the rapid development of automatic chicken breeding, the intensive development of the chicken industry and the continuous improvement of industrialization, the small climate of the chicken coop has an increasing influence on the health and production performance of chickens. Chickens environment control technology, therefore, to keep up with the need of modern poultry production, timely adjust chicken environmental control objectives and strategies, continuous research and development and application of new type of coop environmental control technology and equipment, to the health of the modern poultry production safety escort and technical support.

Poultry chicken farming battery chicken cages

At present, there are four main types of poultry farming chicken cages in China and abroad, namely, battery cage, free range, free run and furnished cage. Each of these patterns has its own strengths and weaknesses. It is most common to raise a chicken cage. About 90% of the world’s eggs are said to be kept in a shelf. The advantages of this farming model are clean sanitation, small chicken breeding, easy management, pecking and similar loss of the same kind, and the air quality in the house is better.advantages of battery cage system of poultry production
In the condition of chicken caged, poultry production performance was higher, and most of them showed significant improvement in the number of eggs produced. On average, the total weight of each chicken per day increased and the mortality rate of the egg chicken decreased significantly. Compared with the production performance of the white  laying hens in the caged and organic breeding system, the results showed that the hens had higher egg production.
Steamed chicken half eviscerated ratio, full eviscerated ratio, abdominal fat rate were significantly higher than that of chickens, and battery cage mesh smooth, can prevent infection chicken foot injury, netting and bottom network encryption, can effectively prevent the layer chicken battery cages fatigue syndrome. Galvanized mesh, and improve the service life is 6 to 7 times, high density raising economical use of land, farming economical use of land by about 50% than the range type, centrally managed to save energy and resources, reduce the poultry disease incidence, the unique door design, effectively prevent the chicken to gather the food waste feed.
The poultry farm cage can also be adjusted according to the size of the breeding site, which can be equipped with active drinking water system to save manpower.
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Poultry chicken farming cage-egg collection equipment operation

Poultry farming equipment industry in recent years in promoting agricultural industrialization, solve people food and clothing, diet rich residents of the role of more and more significant, become increase benefits, one of the important ways of increasing farmers’ income, my company in the development of farming equipment with unique technical advantage and resource advantage, and had great progress, get the customer the consistent high praise.
Poultry farming cages is general hen-house are being made with high quality Q – 235 high speed wire rod effective, maintain permanent high hardness and high elastic steel wire, and make products to be used for a long time is not easy to deformation, compared with other type wire improve product service life more than three years. And steel wire surface smooth, without laceration and scratches and other harmful defects, coop mesh after forming, which can effectively prevent the chicken foot injury, prevent make chicken feet with steel wire laceration caused by infection of staphylococcus aureus.

layer battery cage
poultry farming chicken cages

Chicken egg collection equipment within the hen-house way is divided into egg picking and mechanical egg collection artificial, but is some automated farms, are equipped with automatic egg collection equipment, saving manpower and improve work efficiency.egg collecting system in china
The operation of the egg collecting equipment is that the eggs are rolled down from the bottom of the chicken coop to the egg trough with the gathered egg belts, and the egg is sent to a designated position by the egg collecting belt, and then the eggs are collecting by respective chicken egg collecting machines to collect eggs , and finally by artificial or egg bin packing.
Automatic egg collection equipment including import device, pick up eggs device, buffer device, transmission device, buckle chain gear, as well as lifting chain, large automatic collection of eggs of the system, including many sets of automatic egg collection equipment and conveying device as described.
Egg collection equipment system has anti slip eggs and breakage function, can reduce spending on manpower and material resources, and is suitable for large chicken farm, a high degree of automation, saving manpower, greatly improve the labor productivity, it is best to cooperate with our company to produce automatically pick up egg slot quality egg line mesh cage and the latest piece of equipment research and development, greatly reduces the broken egg rate, caused by the phenomenon of equipment breaking eggs is almost over.


Farming chicken equipment manufacturing and sales

In recent years, many changes have taken place in the pattern of raising chickens. Farming chicken equipment and manufacturing technology have become the main targets of attention under the new pattern.
In view of the increasing expectations of people in terms of life and nutrition, strict requirements have been put forward on the health and safety development of the farming chicken industry has made improvements in the production and manufacture of chicken equipment.

poultry chicken cage
farming chicken equipment for sale

Based on the current economic development, the farming chicken industry has been adopting a series of measures such as introducing new equipment and technologies, changing the mode of raising chickens, and improving the environment of raising chickens. As a result, the farming chicken industry has shown a vigorous development trend and gradually industrialized farming chickens, intensive scale closer.
Poultry raising equipment is an important equipment for poultry breeding machinery. It is highly technical and complex. In combination with the breeding conditions and engineering level of the farmers, this paper proposes the corresponding chicken raising technology and provides the advanced and applicable chicken equipment.
In order to raise the overall level of the farming chicken industry so that it will have greater competitive strength, we will focus on the investment in the strength of the farming chicken industry, improve the survival rate of chickens by studying healthy chicken farming techniques, biogas digesters can be used to generate biogas waste, and the performance of chickens can be improved by applying computer technology to chicken equipment and environmental control.
Currently our poultry farming equipment, slaughtering and processing equipment and incubation equipment, such as whether the product type, or technical level, market prices, even in the world have certain advantages, over the past few years we export industry technology and equipment are obtained the customer good praise, especially in developing countries, and we believe that in the international market will be more and more in the future.

Poultry farming equipment sales suppliers of product prices

Poultry farming equipment is a direct relation to the efficiency of farmers, and many farmers have a disproportionate proportion of breeding equipment and are not eligible. The feeding area tends to be too small, the feeding density is too high, the feed and drinking water trough not enough. It can be said that this is a common problem of chicken farmers, which is also one of the important factors affecting the economic efficiency of breeding.
The quality of the poultry equipment is poor and does not match, the poultry farm equipment is to have the specification and scale requirement. Between each device should match, such ability for normal growth and development of chickens and reasonable flow, give full play to the efficiency of the equipment and operation rate, make the contribution on each bird depreciation cost more reasonable, which can reduce the production cost.
Chicken farming cages is an indispensable equipment. Chicken farmers generally pay more attention to it. However, the quality of chicken coop lacks the ability to discriminate, and tends to low price when buying. The cage is a place for hens to live, produce and sleep. It is important not to ignore the quality, the quality of the cage, the width and the slope of the coop. I was in the same location and witnessed the cages from two manufacturers quality differences, leading to egg production, die number and broken egg rate and so on all have obvious difference, so we buy chicken cage don’t ignore the quality in order to covet is cheap.
According to statistics, there are 22 when the number of raised chicken increases to 5. Five percent of the hens died before 30 day. According to the statistics of production statements I have learned, the density of chicken in the cage has exceeded the specified standard, and the egg production rate is 5% ~ 15% lower than the normal chicken group. Therefore, the selection of chicken equipment can not only be cheap, but also comprehensive consideration of quality.
In poultry production equipment control temperature, humidity, and chicken on the spatial density of is very scientific, reasonable, so the guarantee for the market to provide a larger number of poultry at the same time, can provide more high quality poultry, taste more delicious, taste more sweetness, external appearance more beautiful! Such chicken equipment ensures that the quality of the broiler will bring good benefits to the farmers.
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Economic benefits of poultry farming chicken cages

With the development of science and technology and the adjustment of national policies, people’s living standard and consumption level are constantly improving. This has led to continuous improvement in various industries to keep up with the changes in society. This is especially so for the poultry industry.
Supplier of poultry cages is more, but only a few manufacturer can do coop is smooth, shining, most of the production technology does not pass, rough surface, sting, it is difficult to let the healthy growth of the chicken, egg safety factor is greatly reduced, the real market need is can automatically adjust the coop, can also be the drinking water system, the most important is to install automatic disinfection system, find bugs, clear in time, prevent infectious diseases, improve the survival rate of chicken. Simple, convenient, clean, can meet the needs of the people, the demand of the market, attracts more chicken coop buyers to come to buy.
In general, cages, breeding cage, cage layers are divided into the brood cage, cages to wait for a few kinds of cages around the same size, how to use basic same, using cages chicken can reduce the amount of exercise, reduce the energy consumption of chicken, facilitate management, epidemic prevention and disinfection. The rational use of chicken cage raising chickens can reduce the labor intensity of feeders, reduce the cost of feeding and improve the economic efficiency of raising chickens.
The incidence of the disease was reduced first by the use of chicken cages for poultry. Chickens don’t contact with the feces, which is beneficial to control coccidiosis and the occurrence of intestinal disease, and chicken manure in the doberman pinscher, leakage can be clear in time, reduce harmful gas content in the shed, fan ventilation at the same time, reduce the disease occurred. Furthermore, because chickens are kept out of the ground in cages, it is good for air circulation and provides suitable environmental conditions for poultry. Secondly, it reduces the cost of epidemic prevention and reduces the physical consumption of poultry. Chicken cages limit the activity of poultry, reduce energy consumption, achieve the same weight, shorten production cycle, and reduce feed consumption. Greatly increased the number of poultry in the unit volume.
It is a warm reminder that the rational use of chicken coop can greatly improve the efficiency of breeding staff and improve the economic efficiency of raising chickens. At this point, the chicken coop’s role in poultry farming will be greatly reflected.

Characteristics and application of poultry farming egg grading machine

The egg grading machine USES its own industrial network to process signals to control. Because such a way avoids using a lot of cables, and provides an integrated self-check and diagnostic system, it ensures the safe and reliable operation of the machine. The egg classifier includes cleaning, drying, testing, sterilization and other functions.
The egg grading machine is an advanced new type of equipment. The equipment can be automatically divided into different collecting baskets according to the weight of the egg, which has the characteristics of reliable performance, convenient operation, high efficiency, and easy to be broken in the process of grading.
The automatic egg weight classifier is a new product which is independently developed on the basis of introducing high technology. Only need one or two operators can put the eggs on the conveyor line, and the equipment can be automatically distributed to different collection baskets based on the weight of the egg. The equipment has the characteristics of reliable performance, convenient operation, high efficiency, and easy to be broken in the process of grading. It can be used in conjunction with the egg washing machine produced by our company, or it can be used separately.
Egg classifier is egg market small classification equipment, mechanical grading eggs instead of artificial classification landmark history, classification of mechanical egg processing mechanization and automation, kicked off, the company attaches great importance to technological innovation, pay attention to product quality, pay more attention to customer satisfaction. The first person to do things, be friends first, and then talk about business, every customer is our lifelong partner, we are not only provide equipment, can also provide market information and technology, we have all kinds of equipment can be suitable for all kinds of the size of the need to farm, and received a lot of customer praise.
The egg grading machine fills in the blanks of the processing machinery of the egg products, and changes the manual labor for many years, and develops the egg processing equipment suitable for the market.

Chicken cage system sales and manufacturing

chicken cage system manufacturing
chicken cage system manufacturing

Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd it is engaged in the sales and manufacture of breeding equipment, and aims to build a high-quality domestic animal husbandry equipment industry. Main products include, automatic feeding system, automatic water system, cooling and heating systems, cages, etc., building automation, scale of chicken, chicken cage, laying hens , chicken factory has domestic standardization level.
In the manufacture of chicken cage system we must pay attention to all details, such as egg processing problems, each a broken egg is we cannot tolerate, egg is our top priority of the whole process of production, so we must need to consider how to reduce the damage. Usually broken eggs is thought to be caused by our production process is not successful, although zero damaged, need to pay the cost is very high, but how to use low cost to achieve minimum breakage is we always pursuit.
The company has the technical excellent team, can provide a variety of breeding livestock and poultry special cage equipment for the customer at present. And developed the automatic feeding system with the international advanced level, night-soil system, set the egg system, water system, automatic temperature control system, disinfection spray system, etc., at the same time can provide a full range of automation for the aquaculture industry aquaculture equipment integration solutions.
The company has a number of senior engineers and technicians, which can provide the whole service of chicken site selection, chicken house design, free technical consultation, etc.
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Features and sales of poultry battery chicken cage systems

Due to the rapid economic development, people’s living standard and economic strength have also been continuously improved. However, in the area of poultry farming, the poultry farming chicken cage system has evolved from farming outdoors to a highly automated house. This is most evident in poultry farming.

battery chicken cage
battery chicken cage


Characteristics of poultry farming battery chicken cage

The vast majority of chickens are now housed in a cage-type cages system. Mechanization and automation play an important role in reducing production costs and increasing productivity.
One of the major advantages of such a chicken cages system is the improved hygienic conditions and reduced poultry contact with faces and other poultry, thereby reducing morbidity.
The chicken cage system is used for the basic water consumption of to prevent and relieve the external and pollution. The dynamic chain feeding device used for automatic moving of the vehicle or the timing device increases the level of feeding automation. It may even be adjusted to the number of chickens per cage, the actual temperature of the chicken cages and the amount of feed left over from the last feeding. And then the amount of feed needed for each chicken cage delivery.
Conveyor chicken stool below the manure in the dry air, to reduce transport costs, reduce ammonia emissions, and is used to dry the air in the chicken manure, also improve the microclimate inside the cages, battery cage is conducive to further automation of the production process.

Poultry farming battery chicken cage for sales

The surface treatment of chicken coop has cold galvanizing, hot galvanizing technology can be chosen by customers, and the quality of the thick silk diameter can double the use of the chicken cage. And it has strong and durable, beautiful and generous, easy to apply, save space performance. It is an ideal choice for farmers.
Our company specialized poultry farm chicken cage equipment, the quality, the price, the after-sale installation in place, please feel free to purchase.

Poultry house equipment sales category and suppliers

Hen-house as we know, poultry equipment mainly for the flocks health survival, so no matter what type, what type, when considering layout problem, all want to think poultry life for epidemic prevention, sewage, and for the principle. In particular, the wind and terrain should be taken into account, and the rational distribution of each building in the chicken farm can reduce the occurrence and effective control of the disease.
Poultry chicken cages equipment in the exhaust equipment is suitable for the large-scale chicken farms, as the ventilation inside the hen-house, effectively reduce the temperature inside the hen-house, alleviate the heat inside the hen house, prevent the happening of the various diseases. Reserve side it can be directly installed in the hen house window, and the ventilation window is made of high quality engineering plastic mold forming,  resistance, anti-aging, long service life, and the equipment of fence closed tightly, reasonable structure, open and flexible, effectively prevent the bird insect to enter.
The chicken cage equipment is the main body of chicken raising equipment. Its configuration and structural parameters determine the feeding density, and determine the selection requirements of cleaning, drinking water, feeding and other equipment and the requirements of environmental control equipment. Coop equipment can be divided into the form of the combination full step, half step, laminated type, compound type, peace according to the geometry size can be divided into the deep and shallow type cage type cage, according to the kinds of chicken into laying hens cage, chicken cage and cages; According to the weight of the chicken, it is divided into light chicken cage, medium egg cage and chicken coop.
Poultry farm chicken cage equipment also has a great advantage and characteristic, use the chicken cage of the national standard material, the elasticity is good, do not deform, the life does not droop. Add the perfect double dip galvanizing, make the chicken cage is not born in a few years, the service life can reach more than 12 years. The cage design of science effectively reduces the fatigue degree of chicken in the cage and increases the egg production rate. Reasonable space layout, the accidental death rate of chicken in the cage is 0, the egg failure rate is 0.
Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd?specializing in the production of chicken cage, is a collection of equipment research and development, production, sales and service in the integration of chicken farming equipment enterprises, main production chicken coop equipment, poultry automatic feeding device, automatic water dispenser,litres of cooling equipment, environmental control equipment etc., for the poultry farmers construction standardization, automation, large scale poultry farm, is high quality, high quality poultry equipment suppliers.
Our company development and production of modern chicken cages farming equipment, with scientific and mechanization, automation, intensive, characteristics, suitable for large, medium and small farms, are large farms to improve the breeding environment, expand the scale of farming, the best choice to enhance economic efficiency, less labor intensity. Also can according to the different requirements of the general farmer, the design of all kinds of chicken equipment, and responsible for installation, provide technical advice.