The importance of environmental control to the production of broiler chickens

Modern poultry production has three aspects of demand, feeding and drinking water, environmental control system, the health protection measures, the survival of the three aspects of the demand for poultry and production is critical, but the biggest variability environment control, and poultry producers will most likely be through management to change factors, so as to improve the survival rate and production performance of broilers.
With the rapid development of the poultry farming industry, some poultry industry production has exposed some disadvantages, on the one hand, it has caused pollution to the environment, and on the other hand, the outbreak is frequent. Some poultry market in poultry disease control aspects there are serious lag, cause poultry incidence, mortality remains high, direct and indirect economic loss caused by illness up to billions of dollars, so a comprehensive understanding of environmental factors and the relationship between health and disease control poultry is very necessary.
First of all, we need to enhance the air quality of the chicken coop, reduce the emission of dust and harmful gases in the chicken coop, increase the manure handing and utilization, and at the same time strengthen the safety of epidemic prevention and the consideration of reducing cross-infection.
Second, the pursuit of energy-saving environmental control technology to ensure broiler health and high performance, considering the relationship between production and output, adjust the environmental control parameters, to achieve the goal of improving economic efficiency.
Finally, temperature control is at the heart of environmental management of broiler farming and ventilation management is key to environmental control of broiler farming. Ventilation and heat preservation balance, air quality directly affects broiler health and productivity levels.
Good poultry environmental control system is not only necessary to ensure the health of poultry, give full play to the potential of animal production requirements, but also animal welfare requirements, it is necessary to enter the hen-house gas and suspended particulate matter to filter the inflow of air can effectively block the transmission of the disease.

The automatic poultry farming equipment farmer use

The traditional control technology of chicken house in small and medium-sized chicken farms is basically artificial or semi-artificial control. The control accuracy and the automation degree is not high, the performance is single, many operation should be controlled by the person, the labor productivity level is lower, is not conducive to the scale raising chicken.
It is necessary to have modern chicken and mechanical equipment, and modern farming concepts are needed to create a good modern chicken farm. Modern chicken mechanical equipment including: heating equipment, ventilation equipment, water supply equipment, feeding machinery, set the egg mechanical equipment, mechanical equipment, basket, night-soil light machinery and equipment, and so on. The concept of modern farming includes: to cultivate a good sense of seed, to raise the young to be equally important, to attach importance to daily management, to strengthen disinfection, to pay more attention to the quality of feed, etc. But poultry machinery is a broad term, not only refers to the chicken industry machinery, the forage processing machinery, feeding machinery and so on.
Generally speaking, the mechanization degree of chicken farm equipment is related to the production scale of chicken farm. The larger the scale of chicken farm, the higher the mechanization degree of the chicken equipment. Small scale, chicken equipment mechanization degree can be lower, even manual labor. According to market conditions, the city’s chicken farms can build a higher mechanization degree of chicken equipment, and the other small and medium-sized chicken farms should adopt the mechanized production mode of semi-chicken equipment. However, no matter how mechanized the chicken equipment mechanization degree, need certain mechanical equipment. The emergence of farming chicken machinery and equipment has brought great convenience to all the chicken farmers, and the main use of farming chicken machinery has saved great human and financial resources.
Now, the automatic aquaculture system USES superimposed layers of structure to set up the , which can effectively utilize the limited space and greatly reduce the cost of the breeding space.
With these poultry farming equipment, farming is easy and efficient, and your success is easy.

Commercial poultry farming equipment suppliers

The basic formation of modern poultry production, such as breeding, commodity production, product processing and market sales, is necessary for the production of modern poultry, the development of the broiler industry has a good foundation for development.
The production of goods organization formed a large-scale, moderately dispersed scale professional and thousands of households three production groups, including the number of the top two production mode is gradually expanding the quot, company and farmers quot, promotion system, promote the development of the poultry industry.
Breeding of quot,sustainable development guide has been proposed in just a few years ago but automation breeding can contribute a set is used in the process of gradually recognized in recent years for sustainable development, the use of automated equipment to greatly improve our breeding coop farming environment and improve the overall health of the chickens will be invisible in reducing drug use, and an automatic hen-house will form a small environment relatively sealed, is conducive to the environmental control of chicken farm, in addition, the automation of farming equipment will be more feed and farming resources saving.
Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a poultry standardized equipment manufacturing, sales, installation and service of customer service as one of the modern enterprise, the main products are: egg automatic feeding system, automatic feeding system, automatic poultry drinking water system, environmental temperature control system, automatic dung cleaning system and farm facilities etc..
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Poultry farming broiler cages system for sale

Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is specializing in the production of chicken cage, is a collection of chicken battery equipment research and development, production, sales and service in the integration of poultry breeding equipment enterprises, mainly produce the chicken cage, caged chickens equipment, automatic feeding machine, poultry drinking fountain, chicken warm air furnace, wet curtain fan, poultry equipment, etc., for the build farmers construction standardization, automation, large scale poultry farms.
For poultry breeding poultry cage system has many advantages, compared with traditional flat to raise management of poultry production, its advantages over traditional cultivation greatly, the first to use the chicken cage breeding poultry in a batch, due to be regular cleaning of excrement and urine, so ammonia and dust is reduced greatly, so reduced because there is no mat grass caused by bacteria, has a great harm on the poultry coccidiosis also will not be spread, and there is special, soft floor element to prevent the poultry because breast blisters, swelling, or damage caused by a foot injury, almost do not need to use any drugs.
There are several benefits to the use of poultry cage systems for farming. First, it saves energy by increasing the number of chickens in each house.
Second, it saves the cost of buying or the cost of the disease caused by the mat, and can hardly buy any medicine.
It then increases the conversion rate of feed, making poultry farming more weight and shorter.
In the end, do not need too much manpower to deal with, saving labor costs.
It is also important to have a poultry poultry cage system with a gentle chicken delivery system and a high speed of chicken, while ensuring good meat quality.
Standardized scale, green farming is the development direction of poultry industry, poultry caged as a breeding technology developed in recent years, the rapid model, is gradually attention and accepted by industry, three-dimensional chicken cage management as a new mode of cultivation technology, the environment parameters, automatic control can be further optimized to improve, many technologies such as raising the management level of form a complete set the demand is higher, of course, this kind of large scale poultry caged upfront investment is relatively more, so the food safety and health of aquaculture, hold the pulse of the industry, technology direction, development of advanced production mode to have better future.

Poultry farming equipment and products supplier

In the past years of poor science and technology, poultry farming was so dirty and tired that many people didn’t want to be involved in poultry farming. But now all the problem poultry farming equipment can be solved for you, to realize poultry farming get rich home is easy.
The popularity of fast food culture has greatly accelerated the poultry farming the rapid development of, poultry farming equipment market is rising, promote more and more large farms replaced the past rural small-scale farmers became the main poultry food markets.
The ventilation equipment for poultry farming is the necessity of mechanical ventilation for airtight chicken coop to solve the problem of ventilation and summer cooling. Mechanical ventilation is provided with two types of air supply and exhaust gas. Air supply ventilation is to force the fresh air into the chicken coop by ventilator, and the inside of the house is pressurized, and the polluted air is removed. Exhaust ventilation is to use the ventilator to force out the dirty air in the chicken house, to create negative pressure inside the house, the fresh air will be entered into the chicken house by air inlet.
Poultry equipment of water supply equipment can be used in feeding flattened chicken crane tower drinking fountain, the drinking fountains by hanging loop the rope hung from the ceiling, the top of the water hose connected to main water pipes, come in the water by controlling the valve into the water dish, both health and water saving.
In used in feeding equipment device manger, steamed with long slot, automatic feeding the feeding machine and chain type feeder feeding, flat chicken can use this way of feeding, feed bucket feed is also available. Chicken feed shallow dish, the shape of the trough affects whether the feed can make full use of.
As in line with international standards for the pioneer of innovation, Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is committed to provide internationally competitive modern agricultural products, help customers to develop a set of automated breeding scheme.
That is about “poultry farming equipment and products supplier” some of the introduction, if you want to know about cascading laying chicken caged equipment, poultry equipment form a complete set of equipment information, you can pay attention to our latest information.

The advantages and characteristics of broiler battery chicken cage system

Battery broiler chicken cage system materials using the hot-dip zinc process, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, the overall structure overlapping take half a step, cages are fixed in Angle steel frame on both sides, top and bottom half superimposed, the cage frame step. The front net of the meat chicken cage is fixed.There is an activity net on the front of the net that can be adjusted. A chicken cage door is opened on the front. The front line has a slot and a high plate, which can be adjusted up and down. The utility model can make the chicks shine evenly, improve the ventilation property, and facilitate the cleaning of dung.
The improvement of the structure of the front and cage doors can greatly reduce the mechanical damage to the chicken, and can eliminate the phenomenon of flight poultry chicken escape. And from the end of the chicken cage net structure, the bottom of the chicken cage with smooth surface, elastic, can greatly reduce the incidence of pox, suitable for mechanized continuous production, high labor efficiency, lower cost, firm structure, corrosion resistance, long service life and can improve the density of the chicken breeding, improve the environment in the hen-house, labor saving.
So what are the advantages and characteristics of broiler battery chicken cage system? Let’s introduce some of them.
In the first place, the chicken caged in the meat reduces the cost of the chicken by l %, reduces the number of feeding cocks and saves 10 ~ 15% of the feed.
Secondly, raising the feeding density and the utilization ratio of the premises can save the needed for the ground.
Third, effective control of the disease through fecal transmission, the savings of drug costs.
Fourth, the chicken is only to eat even, easy to restrict the feeding, the chicken group is high in order, open production, high egg production rate, long duration, raise the breeding force of the hen.
Fifthly, artificial insemination technology is adopted to improve the fertilization rate of seed eggs, so as to facilitate the identification of the semen quality of the roosters.
Sixth, there is no nest egg, the egg is clean, the egg rate is low, the egg utilization rate is high.
Seventh, change the environment inside the chicken house, easy to raise the technical personnel to observe the chicken group, raise the labor productivity.
In the case of centralized management, the poultry layered chicken coop system not only saves energy and resources, but also reduces the incidence of avian diseases. I believe this is a new way for farmers to raise their breeding efficiency.

Features and sale of egg laying chicken cages

Egg laying chicken cages at home and abroad are in the form of relatively popular a kind of poultry farming, its reason is that the design of the egg laying chicken cage for chicken provides a comfortable environment, make the chicken play a better role in the process of breeding, the design of the main strengths of laying hens cage in the former nets and door, cage rearing density, from the several aspects reflect the interests of the chicken.layer chicken cage type
Egg laying chicken cages are divided into A-type ladder cage and H-type cage two types.
Type A ladder egg laying chicken cages, has simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, automation equipment, high selectivity, low cost, quick returns and other characteristics, can according to the different requirements of users, use the automatic, semi-automatic, low automation equipment configuration, high automation configuration of basket.
H type laminated egg-laying chicken cages, with high automation and high density, effectively improve the advantages of housing, land utilization, lower feeding cost, and effective improvement of labor productivity. Compared with the higher cost of hardware investment in A type A ladle cage equipment, the long-term H type equipment has higher investment income ratio than the a-type equipment. The chicken house can be kept unattended, and the chickens are completely separated and bred to prevent the spread of disease. It is the best choice to adopt intensive and efficient breeding management mode chicken farm. It is the trend of production and development of scale and modern laying hens.
The daily maintenance of the egg laying chicken cage is the basic work of equipment maintenance. It must be institutionalized and standardized. The formulation of the regular maintenance of equipment maintenance work to norm and material consumption quota, and according to the quota evaluation, equipment preventive maintenance contract responsibility system of the appraisal content should be included in the workshop. Equipment regular inspection is a planned preventive inspection, inspection means in addition to the human senses, will also have certain inspection tools and instruments, according to the regular check card, regular check someone is also known as check regularly. The accuracy of the equipment should be checked to determine the actual accuracy of the equipment.
Maintenance of egg laying chicken cage should be conducted according to maintenance procedure. The equipment maintenance procedure is the requirement and regulation of the daily maintenance of the equipment, adhere to the equipment maintenance procedure, can extend the service life of the equipment, ensure the safe and comfortable working environment.
Egg laying chicken cages are the main content should include the daily maintenance, equipment to achieve neat, clean, strong, lubrication, corrosion protection, security, and so on the operation content, operation methods, the use of instruments and materials, to achieve the standard and the matters needing attention, daily check the maintenance and regular inspection of parts, the method and standard, inspection and evaluation of operating workers maintenance equipment level of content and method, etc.
Use egg laying chicken cage are feeding, can effectively improve the building and land utilization, lower investment cost, improve the labor productivity, use high-density breeding is not only economical use of land, still decreased about 50% than farmed free-range type economical use of land. The egg laying chicken cage feeding can concentrate management to conserve energy and resources, facilitate the prevention and control of avian diseases and reduce the incidence of avian diseases. Easy to manage, convenient for the purification of chicken house environment, improve economic efficiency. Using fully automated caged chicken coop system in to realize the automatic pick up eggs, manure removal automation, environmental control automation at the same time, also can form a set of intensive, high benefit farming management mode, is now the farmers desperately needed.

Poultry farming layer chicken cage production for sale

Our company is one of the excellent poultry equipment suppliers, including poultry layer chicken cage of complete sets of equipment with advanced technology, reasonable structure, stable performance, high quality and low price, stable and durable wait for an advantage, get the new and old customers of praise, our products are exported to a lot of countries, have excellent reputation.

battery chicken cage
H type layer chicken cage

Poultry farming layer chicken cage is mainly manifested in the advantages of its high density breeding?not only save resources and space, centralized management, but also reduce the poultry disease incidence, conform to the international general equipment standard.
We can in order to better provide intensive farms, large modern farming enterprises standardization of poultry farms in the overall planning and construction, the standardized farming equipment installation and matching automation, the interaction between the facilities and equipment used, professional and technical training, farming equipment after-sales consulting services?made a series of improvements and adjustments, only to sell the best poultry cage equipment to give the market.
The two layers of cage of the poultry farming layer are completely staggered, common to 2 to 3 layers, the biggest advantage is the structure is simple, the ventilation and the illumination face of each layer cage is large.
Poultry layer chicken cage adopts international advanced wire drawing equipment and wire drawing technology, steel wire surface is smooth, no laceration and scratches and other harmful defects, coop mesh after forming, which can effectively prevent the chicken foot injury, prevent make chicken feet with steel wire laceration caused by infection of staphylococcus.
The poultry farm layer chicken cage can greatly reduce the disability of the chicken and reduce the labor intensity of the workers.

Use and characteristics of poultry manure removal system

At present, the large-scale cultivation of chicken is becoming more and more common, and many farms are gradually becoming mechanized. However, the large amount of fecal cleaning and duplication is one of the key issues that must be addressed by the farm. In order to reduce manpower participation and improve the cleaning efficiency, it is necessary to design and develop poultry manure removal equipment. Nowadays, we have studied many different kinds of manure removal equipment for poultry farming, and the most representative and practical economy is the scraper type manure removal machine. The following is a brief introduction to the application and features of the small manure removal equipment which is generally applicable to chicken farms.
Poultry manure removal machinery plays an important role in mechanized chicken production. Poultry manure removal because not only can greatly reduce labor intensity, make indoor maintain good air environment, reduce the incidence of disease, but also can effectively influence the chicken production, increase economic efficiency, so to mechanization of chickens, blowing a dung mechanical system must have a good performance, this is one of the most important question.
Poultry manure removal system can realize unmanned management, automatic timing dung, arbitrary time Settings, easy operation, automatic manual arbitrary conversion, power transmission, increase friction, powerful, board design, automatic scraper, release plate is adjustable, friction small, manure removal clean.
Poultry manure removal working principle of the system is by the gear motor output shaft will transmit the power via chain wheel drive to traction machine Lord rope wheel, by the rope wheel and the extrusion friction between traction rope get the traction force, thus promote scraper device manure removal operations.
The equipment adopts the form of double rope wheel drive. The scraper device USES the friction force automatically to lift, the scraper automatically drops when working, and the scraper automatically raises when it returns.
Manure removal system pause with excellent national standard cycloidal reducer, greenhouses manure removal machine, ensure the rationality of the output ratio, motor and reducer direct type small volume, simple operation, with special material manufacturing thickening scraper ensures manure removal machine long using life, scraper by high precision machine tool manufacturing forming, never deformation.
Manure removal system is centralized management to save resources, reduce costs, reduce the risk of poultry, make the inner air good key, our company is committed to customer needs, design meet the requirements of different customers.

Commercial automation feeding equipment

In the market economy more and more developed, how to use the automatic feeding machine? Can the feeder give us the desired effect? First, we need to understand how the automatic feeding machine is used.
First of all, the automatic feeding machine is transported to the silo by special internal structure, which can be fed by its motor operation. It can be seen that the first characteristic of automatic feeder is the active feeding. Moreover, this operation enables it to actively end the mixing and ration the share of the feed-stock, which greatly saves the manpower and saves the expenses of the feeders for the farm.
As workers’ wages are rising, the introduction of automated feeding equipment in farms not only can save labor costs and increase the efficiency of but also the farming process.
Secondly, the feeding equipment of the automatic feeding equipment is evenly distributed. The feeding machine can be fed according to the set form after manual setting, which ensures the feeding uniformity.
On the other hand, due to automatic mechanization, the equipment is more economical than manual operation, and it is useful to avoid the waste of feed during feeding process.
Finally, the automatic feeding system is controlled by time. It can set up multiple time periods each day for materials, and it can be easily solved when setting the opening time only needs to be connected to the power source.
Our company has a wide range of products, specifications, quality and perfect after-sales service. There are also perfect quality management system, the product structure is reasonable, the performance is reliable, it is the ideal choice for the farmer and feed mill.