Economic benefits of poultry farming chicken cages

With the development of science and technology and the adjustment of national policies, people’s living standard and consumption level are constantly improving. This has led to continuous improvement in various industries to keep up with the changes in society. This is especially so for the poultry industry.
Supplier of poultry cages is more, but only a few manufacturer can do coop is smooth, shining, most of the production technology does not pass, rough surface, sting, it is difficult to let the healthy growth of the chicken, egg safety factor is greatly reduced, the real market need is can automatically adjust the coop, can also be the drinking water system, the most important is to install automatic disinfection system, find bugs, clear in time, prevent infectious diseases, improve the survival rate of chicken. Simple, convenient, clean, can meet the needs of the people, the demand of the market, attracts more chicken coop buyers to come to buy.
In general, cages, breeding cage, cage layers are divided into the brood cage, cages to wait for a few kinds of cages around the same size, how to use basic same, using cages chicken can reduce the amount of exercise, reduce the energy consumption of chicken, facilitate management, epidemic prevention and disinfection. The rational use of chicken cage raising chickens can reduce the labor intensity of feeders, reduce the cost of feeding and improve the economic efficiency of raising chickens.
The incidence of the disease was reduced first by the use of chicken cages for poultry. Chickens don’t contact with the feces, which is beneficial to control coccidiosis and the occurrence of intestinal disease, and chicken manure in the doberman pinscher, leakage can be clear in time, reduce harmful gas content in the shed, fan ventilation at the same time, reduce the disease occurred. Furthermore, because chickens are kept out of the ground in cages, it is good for air circulation and provides suitable environmental conditions for poultry. Secondly, it reduces the cost of epidemic prevention and reduces the physical consumption of poultry. Chicken cages limit the activity of poultry, reduce energy consumption, achieve the same weight, shorten production cycle, and reduce feed consumption. Greatly increased the number of poultry in the unit volume.
It is a warm reminder that the rational use of chicken coop can greatly improve the efficiency of breeding staff and improve the economic efficiency of raising chickens. At this point, the chicken coop’s role in poultry farming will be greatly reflected.

Characteristics and application of poultry farming egg grading machine

The egg grading machine USES its own industrial network to process signals to control. Because such a way avoids using a lot of cables, and provides an integrated self-check and diagnostic system, it ensures the safe and reliable operation of the machine. The egg classifier includes cleaning, drying, testing, sterilization and other functions.
The egg grading machine is an advanced new type of equipment. The equipment can be automatically divided into different collecting baskets according to the weight of the egg, which has the characteristics of reliable performance, convenient operation, high efficiency, and easy to be broken in the process of grading.
The automatic egg weight classifier is a new product which is independently developed on the basis of introducing high technology. Only need one or two operators can put the eggs on the conveyor line, and the equipment can be automatically distributed to different collection baskets based on the weight of the egg. The equipment has the characteristics of reliable performance, convenient operation, high efficiency, and easy to be broken in the process of grading. It can be used in conjunction with the egg washing machine produced by our company, or it can be used separately.
Egg classifier is egg market small classification equipment, mechanical grading eggs instead of artificial classification landmark history, classification of mechanical egg processing mechanization and automation, kicked off, the company attaches great importance to technological innovation, pay attention to product quality, pay more attention to customer satisfaction. The first person to do things, be friends first, and then talk about business, every customer is our lifelong partner, we are not only provide equipment, can also provide market information and technology, we have all kinds of equipment can be suitable for all kinds of the size of the need to farm, and received a lot of customer praise.
The egg grading machine fills in the blanks of the processing machinery of the egg products, and changes the manual labor for many years, and develops the egg processing equipment suitable for the market.

Chicken cage system sales and manufacturing

chicken cage system manufacturing
chicken cage system manufacturing

Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd it is engaged in the sales and manufacture of breeding equipment, and aims to build a high-quality domestic animal husbandry equipment industry. Main products include, automatic feeding system, automatic water system, cooling and heating systems, cages, etc., building automation, scale of chicken, chicken cage, laying hens , chicken factory has domestic standardization level.
In the manufacture of chicken cage system we must pay attention to all details, such as egg processing problems, each a broken egg is we cannot tolerate, egg is our top priority of the whole process of production, so we must need to consider how to reduce the damage. Usually broken eggs is thought to be caused by our production process is not successful, although zero damaged, need to pay the cost is very high, but how to use low cost to achieve minimum breakage is we always pursuit.
The company has the technical excellent team, can provide a variety of breeding livestock and poultry special cage equipment for the customer at present. And developed the automatic feeding system with the international advanced level, night-soil system, set the egg system, water system, automatic temperature control system, disinfection spray system, etc., at the same time can provide a full range of automation for the aquaculture industry aquaculture equipment integration solutions.
The company has a number of senior engineers and technicians, which can provide the whole service of chicken site selection, chicken house design, free technical consultation, etc.
Company staff warmly welcome the masses of customers and the social people from all walks of life to visit and guide, we will establish a practical and efficient for the customer, intensive, high standards of product quality as the objective, and good after-sales service for you to build a bridge to get rich, sincerely and from all walks of life hand in hand, connive development, create brilliant.

Features and sales of poultry battery chicken cage systems

Due to the rapid economic development, people’s living standard and economic strength have also been continuously improved. However, in the area of poultry farming, the poultry farming chicken cage system has evolved from farming outdoors to a highly automated house. This is most evident in poultry farming.

battery chicken cage
battery chicken cage


Characteristics of poultry farming battery chicken cage

The vast majority of chickens are now housed in a cage-type cages system. Mechanization and automation play an important role in reducing production costs and increasing productivity.
One of the major advantages of such a chicken cages system is the improved hygienic conditions and reduced poultry contact with faces and other poultry, thereby reducing morbidity.
The chicken cage system is used for the basic water consumption of to prevent and relieve the external and pollution. The dynamic chain feeding device used for automatic moving of the vehicle or the timing device increases the level of feeding automation. It may even be adjusted to the number of chickens per cage, the actual temperature of the chicken cages and the amount of feed left over from the last feeding. And then the amount of feed needed for each chicken cage delivery.
Conveyor chicken stool below the manure in the dry air, to reduce transport costs, reduce ammonia emissions, and is used to dry the air in the chicken manure, also improve the microclimate inside the cages, battery cage is conducive to further automation of the production process.

Poultry farming battery chicken cage for sales

The surface treatment of chicken coop has cold galvanizing, hot galvanizing technology can be chosen by customers, and the quality of the thick silk diameter can double the use of the chicken cage. And it has strong and durable, beautiful and generous, easy to apply, save space performance. It is an ideal choice for farmers.
Our company specialized poultry farm chicken cage equipment, the quality, the price, the after-sale installation in place, please feel free to purchase.

Poultry house equipment sales category and suppliers

Hen-house as we know, poultry equipment mainly for the flocks health survival, so no matter what type, what type, when considering layout problem, all want to think poultry life for epidemic prevention, sewage, and for the principle. In particular, the wind and terrain should be taken into account, and the rational distribution of each building in the chicken farm can reduce the occurrence and effective control of the disease.
Poultry chicken cages equipment in the exhaust equipment is suitable for the large-scale chicken farms, as the ventilation inside the hen-house, effectively reduce the temperature inside the hen-house, alleviate the heat inside the hen house, prevent the happening of the various diseases. Reserve side it can be directly installed in the hen house window, and the ventilation window is made of high quality engineering plastic mold forming,  resistance, anti-aging, long service life, and the equipment of fence closed tightly, reasonable structure, open and flexible, effectively prevent the bird insect to enter.
The chicken cage equipment is the main body of chicken raising equipment. Its configuration and structural parameters determine the feeding density, and determine the selection requirements of cleaning, drinking water, feeding and other equipment and the requirements of environmental control equipment. Coop equipment can be divided into the form of the combination full step, half step, laminated type, compound type, peace according to the geometry size can be divided into the deep and shallow type cage type cage, according to the kinds of chicken into laying hens cage, chicken cage and cages; According to the weight of the chicken, it is divided into light chicken cage, medium egg cage and chicken coop.
Poultry farm chicken cage equipment also has a great advantage and characteristic, use the chicken cage of the national standard material, the elasticity is good, do not deform, the life does not droop. Add the perfect double dip galvanizing, make the chicken cage is not born in a few years, the service life can reach more than 12 years. The cage design of science effectively reduces the fatigue degree of chicken in the cage and increases the egg production rate. Reasonable space layout, the accidental death rate of chicken in the cage is 0, the egg failure rate is 0.
Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd?specializing in the production of chicken cage, is a collection of equipment research and development, production, sales and service in the integration of chicken farming equipment enterprises, main production chicken coop equipment, poultry automatic feeding device, automatic water dispenser,litres of cooling equipment, environmental control equipment etc., for the poultry farmers construction standardization, automation, large scale poultry farm, is high quality, high quality poultry equipment suppliers.
Our company development and production of modern chicken cages farming equipment, with scientific and mechanization, automation, intensive, characteristics, suitable for large, medium and small farms, are large farms to improve the breeding environment, expand the scale of farming, the best choice to enhance economic efficiency, less labor intensity. Also can according to the different requirements of the general farmer, the design of all kinds of chicken equipment, and responsible for installation, provide technical advice.

Egg sorting machine introduction and sales

In recent years the rapid development of the market and egg separator, the product output continued to expand, the market promote the egg separator industry to develop in the direction of high technology products, new investment projects investment increase gradually. Investors have become more and more concerned about the market for the egg sorting machine, which makes the market of the egg sorting machine more and more concerned.
First market transformation of the mode of economic growth and international strict energy conservation and emissions reduction of egg separator industry development has had a profound effect, as well as from inflation and the impact of factors such as the rising cost of human resources; From the inside of the enterprise, the industry chain competition, technological upgrading and other issues are the time for this enterprise to constantly seek development.
The egg sorting machine is our company’s newest research and development production of egg products sorting equipment.Sorter can sort eggs, duck eggs, quail eggs and other eggs.
The sorting equipment is, small volume, low noise, high precision, stable operation, low energy consumption, beautiful, generous, in line with international practice, economic and durable operation, mould, the characteristics of standardization, humanization design, is the ideal choice for egg processing enterprises.
Egg sorting machine is the equipment that classifies eggs according to the weight and size of eggs. Compared with the manual sorting, it can select the same kind of eggs more accurately and efficiently, and can better distinguish the egg quality by adding optical inspection equipment. Generally include egg installation, egg feeding equipment, lighting device, screening device, weighing device, loading system and so on.
As an egg, it is inevitable that it will be contaminated, so most of the egg classifiers combine with the cleaning machine to select the eggs. One of the benefits of combining the cleaning machine is that it can improve the efficiency of the sorting, and the cleaning water will protect the eggs.
We know that with the development of the egg market, the standardization of egg products can not be separated from the application of the egg sorting equipment, and the lack of suitability will make the market narrowness of the egg sorting equipment manufacturing company. Therefore, how to expand the applicability of the egg sorting equipment is also the direction of the investment of relevant machinery equipment manufacturers.

Characteristics and sales of poultry farming battery equipment

Poultry cages is one of the user’s main farming equipment, design corresponding chicken varieties of supporting cages should be in line with the chicken house and management style, choose reasonable structure cages, effective and reasonable use of space inside the chicken house, more can provide chickens with comfortable to adapt to the growth of environmental conditions, to ensure a healthy chickens growth rate and improve the benefit of laying hens breeding.
Caged poultry farming equipment including chicken coops and cage, current production of the bench and cascading cage frame. Coop cage frame is the basic requirement of the surface is flat, crack, bending, no welding material defects, such as, when the cage frame and cages after assembly should be neat and beautiful, firm structure, did not tilt, not shaking. Coop cold drawn steel wire welding and become, cage length is determined by the length of chicken diet.poultry farming battery cage equipment
Our company specializes in producing all kinds of poultry battery cage tools, with advanced production technology and automatic welding equipment. It is suitable for raising hens, egg chicken and chicks. The material is mostly low carbon steel wire, smooth surface, no crack and scratch, maintain permanent high hardness and high elasticity.
The main features of the cage equipment are smooth, preventing the chicken from being infected with the foot injury, the network and the bottom network encryption, can effectively prevent the egg chicken fatigue syndrome. Plate galvanizing, improve service life 6-7 times.
A high-density battery basket equipment for poultry breeding easier to manage, save space, than free-range farming economical use of land by about 50%, centralized management to save energy and resources, reduce the incidence of a disease, the unique door design, effectively prevent the chicken in to gather the food waste feed head shake. The automatic drinking water system can be installed according to the size of the site.
In short, the size of the cages around the same, how to use basic same, use than conventional breeding can reduce the chicken coop breeding poultry exercise, reduce the energy consumption of chicken to facilitate raising management, epidemic prevention and disinfection. The rational use of chicken cage raising chickens can reduce the labor intensity of feeders, reduce the cost of feeding and improve the economic efficiency of raising chickens.

Chicken farming equipment feeding equipment and drinking water equipment introduction

With the continuous development of the world economy, the development of various industries is also becoming more and more rapid. As people’s requirements for some poultry production become more and more stringent, various breeding facilities have been bred to improve the quality of poultry.
Feeding equipment includes feeding machinery and feeding trough. Large-scale chicken farm feeding system is mechanized, feeding machinery is equipped with feeding trough.

poultry feeding system for sale in china
Poultry Feeding System

Chain feeder is one of the most commonly used feeding machines in poultry farm feeding machinery. It consists of a material box, a link, a drive, a corner wheel, a long feeding trough, and have a feed cleaner.
Nipple type water fountain is made of steel or stainless steel, the threaded steel (copper) and consists of a plunger switch valve, can be directly installed on the pipe, use of gravity, and capillary action control water droplets in the thimble end often hung a drop of water. When the chicken needs water, touch the thimble, the water will flow out; After drinking, the thimble sealed the water and no longer flowed out. The nipples are used for chicken and chicken. Each drinker water can be used for 10 to 20 chicks or 3 to 5 chickens. Nipples can be raised and caged.
Another advantage of the feed trough is that it is easy for the chicken to collect food, which is not easy to be contaminated with feces and bedding. In order to prevent to gather the food waste, and structure according to the size of selected material tank, feeding, feed the chicken age type, feeding way to decide, within all the feed tank due to bending side, in order to prevent chicken beak to feed out of tank.poultry waterer supplies
Poultry feed and drinking water equipment can greatly reduce the labor intensity, make chicken farming has become more simple, can also realize feeding trough after 36 hours without filling, and feed will not moldy, cultivating application methods in the process of enterprise development is unexpected equipment companies.
As a result, equipment companies need to go deep into the chicken farm, listen to more advice, consider designing devices, and more use of the nature of chickens, in terms of keepers.
In addition, many chicken farm equipment comes from different manufacturers. How to ensure the installation, seamless connection and normal operation of these devices is also a practical problem to be solved.

Different equipment and facilities in poultry production

Farming chicken needs some equipment and materials, the basic requirements are easy to operate, simple design. Easy maintenance, smaller size, easy to move, economical and durable.
Adult chickens are more resistant to the cold, coupled with higher stocking densities. Its own heat enough to maintain the required temperature. Generally do not need heating. The chickens, due to hypoplasia of thermal regulation, poor ability to resist the cold, requiring a higher temperature in the brooding stage, especially in the cold winter and early spring and late autumn have to increase brood room temperature to meet the healthy growth of chickens Basic needs. There are a variety of heating and heating equipment, chicken farms in different regions, chicken farmers according to the local heat source to select a heating device to increase brooding temperature.
Feeding equipment is divided into trough, tray and feeding machine equipment and ancillary equipment.

china broiler cages supplier

The trough is suitable for cage chicken. The trough used by chicken requires convenient feeding, no waste of feed, not easy to be polluted by excrement and litter, durable and easy to clean and bend inwards to prevent the chicken from picking the feed overflows the tank.
The chicken farmer with certain economic strength and certain feeding scale should feed the chickens with the automatic feeding machine, which not only helps to reduce the labor intensity of the feeding but more importantly, can control the feeding amount and finish the feeding in a short time , So that each chicken feed evenly, is conducive to the growth and development of large groups of chickens.
Water tanks in drinking equipment, usually made of galvanized sheet metal or plastic, are long strips that hang before the cage or fence and are often used for cages and can also be used for ground level maintenance. Cover with barbed wire when drinking water to prevent chickens from entering the sink. Generally use long-term water supply. Its advantages are simple structure, easy to clean. In addition, there are nipple drinker and cup drinking water equipment commonly found in cages. This drinking water equipment clean, but the water quality and water pressure have certain requirements.

the doser manufacturer in china

Environmental control equipment mainly refers to the equipment used to exclude excessive water vapor, heat and harmful gases in the chicken coop and to reduce the internal temperature of the house. The equipment has small noise, large air volume, is conducive to ventilating the chicken house, or adding disinfecting water Disinfection to reduce the dust inside the house. Purify the environment inside the house to create a more suitable micro-climate for sale ventilation in chinaChicken cages include brooder cages, breeding cages, laying cages and broiler cages.
The ladder layer cage has the characteristics of simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, high optional automation equipment, low input cost and fast revenue. According to different requirements of users, the non-automatic, semi-automatic, low-configuration automation and high-configuration automation equipment Cage. Layered hen cages have the characteristics of high automation and high density, effectively raising the housing and land utilization, reducing the cost of raising, raising the labor productivity and so on.
Broiler raising a high degree of automation, saving land resources, energy conservation, labor costs, reduce medication costs, save feed, with automatic cleaning equipment and ventilation equipment to ensure good air quality inside the house, for the healthy growth of broilers to provide favorable Environmental conditions conducive to disease control and can effectively reduce the outbreak of disease.chicken cages for layer supplier
Poultry production requires different equipment and facilities, as long as the usage of these devices mastered, will make the farm become more scale and automation.

Sales of egg chicken cages equipment

With the rapid economic development, people’s living standards continue to increase, the demand for meat is also growing, so for farmers, how to choose poultry laying hens way has become a problem, and today we come together discuss about the egg chicken cage equipment.
First of all, let us teach you how to choose a good breeding egg cage. First, according to the bottom of the egg cage to receive egg design point of view, then according to the distance between the bottom of the chicken cages, third, depending on the material of the cage and the height, span and length of the building, finally depending on the age and breed of chicken, special attention should also be paid to the connection between the cage and the net.
Our company is a high-quality manufacturer and supplier of poultry cage equipment with advanced technology, high-quality steel and perfect technology, our company has been praised and trusted by customers.
With the popularity of egg chicken cage patterns, the purchase of chicken cages becomes the most important issue. In order to further raise the standardization of breeding and effectively solve the problems such as the difficulty of purchasing chicken farms and the pressure of environmental pollution, the market vigorously promotes the cage mode.
The high level of automation of egg cages equipment can be used together with egg collecting system, cleaning manure system and driving feeding system.
Reasonable cage for egg farmers save equipment investment, improve labor productivity, improve the laying rate, high stocking density, saving land and reducing mortality.