Layer chicken cages equipment for sales

My company’s layer chicken cages fully automated poultry farming equipment, can achieve the egg, night-soil, automatic feeding an organic whole, greatly reduce labor intensity, this kind of equipment is high degree of automation, equipment is advanced, is the best choice of general plants.
The design of layered chicken cages is composed of vertical silk and a few strands of horizontal wire. The clearance of the cage is 5 cm. The cage door is usually 2-3 silk, and the cage door is connected with the front net.
the layered chicken cage door space is large, the location of the chicken feed can be arbitrary change, effectively solve the chickens to gather the food crowded each other, to ensure that the chicken feed more even, and the surface of the cages can choose cold galvanized and hot dip zinc process, make the cages of simple structure, easy operation, strong and durable.
This kind of layer chicken cage netting and bottom network encrypted to prevent chicken pecked feather phenomenon, broken egg rate was decreased, and the layer chicken fatigue syndrome, mesh wire before bold more solid structure, reasonable structure, low energy consumption.
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