How to make poultry farm

As we all know, if you want to start a poultry farm, then first of all you have enough planning, and then you have to understand the poultry farmneed to use all the equipment. Only by constantly absorbing new knowledge and introducing it into practical applications will it make the farms larger and larger.poultry cages for sale
To do a poultry farm, you need to know about the basic equipment and methods of using poultry farming to make sure your farm is working properly.
Here, we talk about poultry farming farm program design specific content.
In order to prevent cross-infection of chickens and to avoid the occurrence of the epidemic, the farm site is generally selected at a distance of 3-4Km from the residential ares, away from other poultry farms 10Km away.
Another point is that poultry farms are banned from building near large contaminated chemical plants, heavy industrial plants and polluting plants that discharge toxic gases, as this threatens the normal growth of poultry, leading to the emergence of the disease.
Poultry farming production is a common problem is the spacing is too small, it is likely to cause a chicken house inside the dirty air will enter into another chicken coop, causing the spread of the disease. This requires us to arrange the spacing of the chicken coop in order to meet the needs of health and epidemic prevention, fire prevention, ventilation and lighting.
The temperature control equipment in the environmental control design should be selected according to the size of the space inside the house.
Central integrated control system can be selected according to customer requirements, you can achieve the semi-automatic operation of the chicken coop equipment, fully automated operation and remote date remote monitoring and a series of functions.
Through the program design of this article can let us understand a poultry farm site selection and construction of the basic concepts, if you need to understand, you can look at our previous articles can also contact our customer service staff, we will give you the most good service.