Poultry chicken farming cage-egg collection equipment operation

Poultry farming equipment industry in recent years in promoting agricultural industrialization, solve people food and clothing, diet rich residents of the role of more and more significant, become increase benefits, one of the important ways of increasing farmers’ income, my company in the development of farming equipment with unique technical advantage and resource advantage, and had great progress, get the customer the consistent high praise.
Poultry farming cages is general hen-house are being made with high quality Q – 235 high speed wire rod effective, maintain permanent high hardness and high elastic steel wire, and make products to be used for a long time is not easy to deformation, compared with other type wire improve product service life more than three years. And steel wire surface smooth, without laceration and scratches and other harmful defects, coop mesh after forming, which can effectively prevent the chicken foot injury, prevent make chicken feet with steel wire laceration caused by infection of staphylococcus aureus.

layer battery cage
poultry farming chicken cages

Chicken egg collection equipment within the hen-house way is divided into egg picking and mechanical egg collection artificial, but is some automated farms, are equipped with automatic egg collection equipment, saving manpower and improve work efficiency.egg collecting system in china
The operation of the egg collecting equipment is that the eggs are rolled down from the bottom of the chicken coop to the egg trough with the gathered egg belts, and the egg is sent to a designated position by the egg collecting belt, and then the eggs are collecting by respective chicken egg collecting machines to collect eggs , and finally by artificial or egg bin packing.
Automatic egg collection equipment including import device, pick up eggs device, buffer device, transmission device, buckle chain gear, as well as lifting chain, large automatic collection of eggs of the system, including many sets of automatic egg collection equipment and conveying device as described.
Egg collection equipment system has anti slip eggs and breakage function, can reduce spending on manpower and material resources, and is suitable for large chicken farm, a high degree of automation, saving manpower, greatly improve the labor productivity, it is best to cooperate with our company to produce automatically pick up egg slot quality egg line mesh cage and the latest piece of equipment research and development, greatly reduces the broken egg rate, caused by the phenomenon of equipment breaking eggs is almost over.