chicken equipment for poultry farmer

Why poultry farmer Choose Poultry Equipment from Livi Industry

As for the successful poultry farmer, it is of great importance of recognizing the behavior of their chickens and knowing how to deal with it, which is one of the most important skills for a poultry farmer to possess. But the one thing that is even important as management is the application of good equipment for poultry. Other than management, poultry farming equipment can be less easy to influence. Therefore, many poultry farmers are pleased to invest in the chicken poultry equipment. And poultry equipment needs to fulfill requirements that are necessary to achieve high production results. The quality of chicken equipment can determine the quality of your production results. Livi industry is the professional poultry equipment manufacturer in China and supplies various quality poultry equipment for sale with affordable prices.

Livi industry has invested a lot in designing and manufacturing poultry cages with automatic poultry feeding system, auto poultry drinking system, poultry manure removal system, egg collection system and poultry climate control system. The new poultry equipment with innovative technology will allow the poultry farming to increase its production capacities.

For example, in the poultry farm of our Kenya customers, the advanced equipment for poultry purchased from Livi industry made it possible for Kenya customers to increase the number of poultry stock by 33,000 heads. Egg production will rise by 5.9 million units in comparison with last year, when the company produced 11.9 million pieces.

chicken equipment for poultry farmer
Chicken Layer Equipment For Sale

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Some Advantages of Livi chick equipment for poultry farmer:

Multilevel technological equipment for laying hens
Number of levels and length according to customer requirements
Full width sliding doors provide easy access and visibility to the birds
The cage tops and doors are designed with wires parallel to the feeder troughs, allowing better flock control and providing more wiggle room for the layers to access the feed.
Manufactured from galvanized wires and galvanized sheets
Galvanized After Weld 14 gauge wire mesh floors provide superior corrosion resistance
Floor support system provides a walking effect reducing bird leg and foot injuries
Designed with flexible reinforced floors, this cage system maintains the ideal angle for the rollout of eggs without obstructions.
Higher laying performance through better house environment
Equipped with two Nipple Drinkers per cage, which provide greater water distribution to all layers, even without Climate Control in hot environments.
This system is Fully-Automated, creating convenience and efficiency, in addition to lowering labor costs.
Feed delivery by chain feeder or feed hopper
Water lines with nipple drinkers
Manure removal with strong belt system

The poultry equipment supplied by Livi industry is designed and manufactured under the strictest quality standards. Its components are tested and carefully selected, providing a reliable poultry cage system that creates the optimal environment for the layers and broilers, thus enabling producers to achieve higher return on investments. If you are interested in our products, feel free to contact us.

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