Poultry farming battery frame chicken cage manufacturing supplier

Production of equipment in the poultry market has entered the golden age of rapid development, the poultry industry upgrading by mechanization, automation, intelligent equipment system to complete, and the technical bottleneck in complete sets of equipment application is major problem in most scale poultry production enterprises, the solution of these problems is not achieved overnight, need poultry farming equipment manufacturers and breeding enterprise close cooperation and exchange, to make farming equipment more suitable for modern poultry production.

Poultry farming battery cage use advantages

Poultry farming equipment battery cage is the main equipment of farming chicken, it is mainly composed of cage and egg board, feed trough, drinking water equipment and other attached crystal. There are different types of chicken coop because of different classification methods. According to the assembly form, it can be divided into full step, half step, laminated and single layer. According to its use, it can be divided into brood cage, breeding cage, egg chicken cage and broiler chicken coop.
Poultry farming cascading battery has the following advantages, first, reduce the land investment, large farming per unit area, high mechanization degree, reduce the labor intensity, reduce the labor costs, hen-house environment can be artificially controlled and reduce the influence of external environment of chickens, and chicken manure can handle in time, reduce the pollution to the environment.
It is important to note that the spacing between the cages of the poultry farming battery cage should be moderate, otherwise it will affect the growth of the chicken and be realized by adjusting the height of the baffle. In addition to considering the cost of investment, it is necessary to consider the convenience of equipment use. If the cage is too large, it is inconvenient to catch chicken and repair the waterline.
Poultry battery caged hens don’t contact with feces, clean sanitation, equipped with automatic manure removal equipment and ventilation equipment to ensure good air quality, favorable environment for the healthy growth of poultry conditions, conducive to disease and can effectively reduce the control of disease outbreak.
The poultry farming battery chicken cage equipment can be used in the chicken coop, and the chicken is completely separated to avoid the spread of disease. It is the best choice to adopt intensive and efficient feeding and management mode chicken farm. It is the development trend of scale and modern laying hens.
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