Poultry layer farming equipment applications and selling

Poultry growth is rapid, sexual maturation early, fecundity is strong, the feed utilization rate is high, can produce a lot of nutrient-rich egg meat product in the short term, be the ideal source of protein food. Therefore, it is a good news for many farmers to invest less in poultry, short cycle, quick results, and a good project to get poor out of poverty.
Chicken breed a lot, according to their different purposes of commonly, divides into different the laying hens with type, broiler chicken type, and under the other varieties of chickens? so there will be a different breeding poultry farming equipment, to provide a comfortable and healthy for poultry farming environment, our company constantly update and improve equipment, get unanimous favorable comment of customer, make my company’s poultry layer farming equipment and widely used abroad.
The poultry layer farming equipment in the farm can be seen a significant increase in total production, mechanization and automation of a high degree of standardization of scale farming to accelerate the development in far more than the total output value of traditional farming methods.
Multi-layer cascading poultry complete automation equipment, has been widely used in international and domestic health cultivation, some large farms were established, and the use of excellent results, especially now the market for food safety, ecological environmental protection, land resources, poultry infected the control requirements of more and more strict, more and more high, under the condition of multi-layer cascading poultry equipment is the first choice for large-scale, intensive, automation equipment.
The poultry layer farming equipment has the following characteristics, first of all, small area, high space utilization, easy to achieve intensive and large-scale feeding.
Then, the chicken manure is cleaned, the natural air dried and the manure is greatly reduced, the manure utilization is high, the environmental pollution is minimal.
In addition, the poultry farm equipment fully realized full automatic control, greatly reduced the operation personnel, reduced the labor intensity, increased labor productivity.
Finally, the equipment adopts the whole closed feeding mode, which is beneficial to prevent the disease of chicken, and realizes energy saving and reducing consumption and ecological environment protection.