poultry farming cages manufacturers in China

Poultry Farming Cages

China Poultry Farming Cages Manufacturer – Livi Machinery

The poultry farming cages in Livi industry are specially suitable for rearing the laying chickens and broiler chickens, which are primarily for egg production and meat production. The Livi poultry farming cages mainly consist of the Layer Cages and the Broiler Cages.

poultry farming cage in China
poultry farming cage

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Because of the different life cycles of the chickens and with the thorough knowledge of the varied aspects of the market, Livi industry has been able to provide the customers with a wide array of quality chicken cages. Under this range, Livi has the A-Frame Poultry Cages and H-Frame Stacked Poultry Cages for layer chicken cages and broiler chicken cages. In order to satisfy the life cycles of different chickens and provide the optimal living condition for the laying chickens and broiler chickens, Livi industry offers layer/broiler pullet cages, layer/broiler breeder cages and layer/broiler cages.

poultry farming cages manufacturers in China
poultry farming cages

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The Livi poultry farming cages have many advantages and are preferred by the majority of customers at home and abroad.

The followings are the main advantages:

1. The poultry farming cages offered by Livi industry are designed and manufactured under the strictest quality standards, which ensures the longer service life of the equipment.

2. Manufactured with the premium quality raw material and the latest and sophisticated technology, and with the carefully tested and selected components, Livi poultry farming cages always stand in the leading position of the poultry farming equipment in china.

3. Livi machinery has the ability to make changes of the design and the manufacture for the poultry farming cages. Livi industry also can meet your demands both on the size changes and the style changes.

4. Livi poultry cages are available with 3 to 8 decks for different customers, which can make your poultry farming have the higher stocking density and higher production efficiency. In this way, the poultry cage system brings more return for the investment.

5. The wire cage partitions with galvanized steel and the climate control system of the Livi poultry cage system allow the air flow freely throughout the house, guaranteeing the clean air and the hygienic environment for the chickens.

6. Equipped with poultry drinking and feeding system, egg collection system, manure removal system and poultry management system, the poultry farming cages are fully-automatic, which can be labor-saving and bring much more profits for the investors of poultry cage system.

Products of Livi Poultry Farming Cages:

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