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Layer Breeder Cages

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Layer breeder cages are designed specially for layer breeders and the production of hatching eggs. The layer breeder cages allow for a high stocking density, have minimum labor requirements and ensure clean hatching eggs. In the center of the cages, there is a reinforced perch offering an opportunity to the opportunity to exhibit their natural behaviors for both the male and female layer breeders. The individual cages are separated by closed partitions which ensures that males in different groups remain separated.

layer breeder cages for sale in china
layer breeder cages for sale

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As for the Livi layer breeder cage, the highly reliable and cost effective poultry feeding system can carries the feed to layer breeders consistently, evenly and without separating the chickens. The feed trough is deep and can avoid feed losses. The egg collection system in the layer breeder cages can convey eggs to the longitudinal belt safely and make hatching eggs cleaner: without dust and feathers. The nipple drinkers can be installed in different height to adapt to the water supply of hens and male layer breeders and provide fresh and clean drinking water. The high degree of automation, including water and feed supply, egg collection and manure removal, leads to the high effectiveness of layer breeder cages.

china layer breeder cages supplier
layer breeder cages

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Features of Livi layer breeding cage for sale

1. Two types for our customers choose. One is “A” type and the other is vertical “H” type. Two types of layer cages are applicable to various kinds of chicken house(opened type, half-opened type, closed type). layer chicken cage types 2. Our Livi cage fully uses space and can save investment for the customers. Better space arrangement largely reduces chickens disease and death rate.

Specifications of layer breeder cages system:

layer chicken cage system

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