2019 Nigerian customers visit the Livi factory and reach a cooperation

In June 2019, our factory received a visit from a customer from Nigeria. And finally the two sides reached a ...
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How poultry broiler breeds reduce late mortality

The latter part of the death of poultry broilers is especially damaging to poultry farming. This is also what all ...
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The characteristics of broiler cage

As we all know, the cage is an indispensable equipment for the farm,then what are the advantages of the cage? ...
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The Great Exhibition of Livi Poultry Farming Equipment in China

Poultry Farming Cages for sale Exhibition in China of Lilian Industry
In spring, 2014, Livi industry has successfully attended the exhibition of poultry equipment in China. Many poultry farming equipment manufacturers ...
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Nigeria Customers’ Visit to Livi Industry – Poultry Cages Supplier in China

Nigeria Customers' Visit to Lilian Industry to buy poultry cages
Nigeria is one of the countries in the world where Livi poultry cages for sale sells well and are widely ...
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Livi’s Specialists Went to Install Poultry Farming Cages in Pakistan

Poultry Farming Cages Installtion in Pakistan
In 2013, Pakistan customers has bought the poultry farming cages from Livi industry - the poultry farming equipment manufacturer. Then, ...
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Ghana Customers Purchased Poultry Cage System for Layers from Livi Industry

Ghana Customers Purchased Poultry Cage System for Layers for sale
In October 26th, 2013, customers from Ghana successfully make an agreement to buy the poultry cages system for layers with the ...
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Kenya Customers Visited Livi – Poultry Farming Equipment Manufacturer in China

Kenya customers Visited Poultry Farming Equipment Manufacturer in China - Lilian
In June 15th, 2013, some Kenya customers came to our factory to see our poultry farming equipment. We led them ...
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