Sales of egg chicken cages equipment

With the rapid economic development, people’s living standards continue to increase, the demand for meat is also growing, so for farmers, how to choose poultry laying hens way has become a problem, and today we come together discuss about the egg chicken cage equipment.
First of all, let us teach you how to choose a good breeding egg cage. First, according to the bottom of the egg cage to receive egg design point of view, then according to the distance between the bottom of the chicken cages, third, depending on the material of the cage and the height, span and length of the building, finally depending on the age and breed of chicken, special attention should also be paid to the connection between the cage and the net.
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With the popularity of egg chicken cage patterns, the purchase of chicken cages becomes the most important issue. In order to further raise the standardization of breeding and effectively solve the problems such as the difficulty of purchasing chicken farms and the pressure of environmental pollution, the market vigorously promotes the cage mode.
The high level of automation of egg cages equipment can be used together with egg collecting system, cleaning manure system and driving feeding system.
Reasonable cage for egg farmers save equipment investment, improve labor productivity, improve the laying rate, high stocking density, saving land and reducing mortality.