Poultry Equipment

Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a reputed and professional poultry equipment manufacturer and supplier engaging in producing various quality poultry farming equipment. Our virtually wholesale poultry equipment range for modern chicken farming equipment includes: poultry cages, poultry feeding system, poultry drinking system, poultry manure removal system, egg collection system for laying chickens and breeders, poultry ventilating system, poultry management system and related corollary equipment. Under this range, Livi industry also offers broiler cages (broiler pullet cages, broiler breeder cages and broiler harvesting cages) and layer cages (layer pullet cages, layer breeder cages and layer harvesting cages). All our chicken house equipment are manufactured with many years’ experience by using superior grade raw materials, which is strictly in accordance with the international quality standards. Our poultry automation equipment in China is fully automated and computerized systems for drinking water, feed, egg collection, air conditioning and cleaning. Livi industry creates a technically innovative product, which guarantees the quality, revenue, growth and safety for our customers.

Poultry Farming Cages For Sale

layer poultry cages

Layer Chicken Cage

Advanced layer chicken cage equipment has been an essential point in poultry business , especially for large-scale operation. Livi chicken ...
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layer battery equipment for sale

Poultry battery cage

Poultry battery cage is one kind of chicken housing equipment used for raising layer chicken in large numbers. This cage ...
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baby chicken cage for sale

Baby Chicken Cage

Baby chicken cage is predominantly fabricated for raising baby chicken from 0-16 weeks. This kind of chick cage is adopted ...
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poultry cage

Poultry Cage

With the development of modern husbandry industry, multi-functional automatic poultry cage for sale has been welcomed by chicken farmers in ...
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chicken battery cage

Chicken Battery Cage

Nowadays, more and more farmers are seeking modern and efficient chicken battery cage system to improve their poultry business by ...
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layer chicken cage design

Layer Breeding Cages for sale in Nigeria

Layer Breeding Cages for Sale in Nigeria - Livi Layer Cages with High Quality Livi layer breeding cages are poultry ...
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best layer cages in south africa for sale

Layer Breeder Cages

China Layer Breeder Cages Supplier - Quality Layer Cages from Livi Industry Layer breeder cages are designed specially for layer breeders ...
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baby chicken cage

Layer Pullet Cages

Quality Layer Pullet Cages for Sale in China - Livi Industry Livi industry manufactures the layer pullet cages with high quality, ...
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Broiler Harvesting Cages suppliers in china

Broiler Harvesting Cages

Broiler Harvesting Cages Manufacturers - Quality Livi Broiler Cages Lilian broiler harvesting cages are one kind of broiler cages mainly ...
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china broiler breeder cages manufacturer

Broiler Breeder Cages

Broiler Breeder Cages Manufacturer - Broiler Cages from Livi Industry In order to realize the goal, the broiler breeder cage ...
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broiler pullet cage

Broiler Pullet Cages

China Broiler Pullet Cages Supplier - Broiler Cages From Livi Industry Livi broiler pullet cages are one kind of broiler cages ...
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battery layer cage system

Layer Cages

Layer Cages for Sale - Poultry Cages from Livi Industry Livi layer cages are a kind of poultry laying cage ...
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broiler cage

Broiler Cages

Broiler Chicken Cages for Sale - Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. Livi broiler cages belong to the multi tier broiler colony ...
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chicken poultry equipment for sale

Poultry Farming Cages

China Poultry Farming Cages Manufacturer - Livi Machinery The poultry farming cages in Livi industry are specially suitable for rearing ...
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Other Poultry Products For Sale

Except for our various chicken cages for sale, there are  advanced automatic poultry system includes poultry control shed system like poultry house fans and cooling pad, automatic egg chicken collector, poultry watering systems, poultry litter removal equipment and automatic chicken feeding system. These chicken automatic equipment largely improve work efficiency and reduce labour costs. At the same time, automatic poultry machines offers better environment for chickens to prevent them from infectious. Our chicken house equipment are very suitable for chicken factory in large amount farming. Taking many factors into consideration like cost and earning, buyers can choose cage system for poultry in different configuration including non-automation, semi-automation, and low-level and high configuration automation.

poultry feeder

Poultry Feeder

Poultry Feeders Manufacturers - Poultry Equipment from Livi Industry Livi poultry feeder, also called pan feeder, has some special design ...
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poultry cage feeder supplier

Poultry Equipment Supplies

Poultry Equipment Supplies Supplier - Livi Quality Poultry Equipment Livi industry supplies customers other automatic poultry raising equipment, such as ...
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Poultry Management System supplier

Poultry Management System

Poultry Management System for Sale - Livi Poultry Farming Equipment Livi poultry management system is a modular system which manages ...
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ventilation systems

Poultry Climate Control System

Poultry Climate Control System Manufacturers - Livi Industry Poultry climate control systems are manufactured by Livi industry to provide the ...
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egg collecting system in china

Egg Collection System

Automatic Egg Collection System Manufacturer - Livi Poultry Equipment The automatic egg collection system from Livi industry is designed to ...
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poultry manure removal system supplier in china

Poultry Manure Removal System

Poultry Manure Removal System Supplier in China - Livi Industry Livi poultry manure removal system is primarily used with the ...
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china automatic poultry drinking system

Poultry Drinking System

Poultry Drinking System manufacturer - Poultry Equipment from Livi Poultry drinking systems are primarily designed to supply sufficient clean water ...
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automatic feeding system

Poultry Feeding System

Poultry Feeding System Manufacturers- Poultry Feeder from Livi Industry Livi poultry feeding system is designed to work effectively with the ...
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Our Projects of Poultry Farming Equipment

layer cage in kenya

Price of poultry layer chicken cages for sale in Kenya

Layer chicken cages, also known as poultry layer cages, are chicken cages specially designed for laying hens. It is used ...
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Automatic manure cleaning system

How to clean up chicken manure when using poultry farming equipment

Large-scale farmers use poultry farming equipment to raise chickens. Large farms need manure removal equipment. This can solve the problem ...
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Affordable chicken battery cage system price in kenya

More and more Kenyan farmers are beginning to use poultry farming equipment to raise chickens, and chicken cages have many ...
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Livi chicken layer cage for sales in Zimbabwe

Layer cages for sale in Zimbabwe This article will explain how to use a chicken layer cages for laying hen ...
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