10000 Layer Poultry Farm Quotation with Battery Cage System

10000 layer poultry farm quotation with battery cage system.” In November 2023, we received an email from a farmer in Lesotho.

The farmer currently has a piece of land measuring 50*10 meters. He wants to build a chicken farm on this land and raise about 10,000 laying hens in it. He wanted to know if we could provide him with a full-process service and asked for a quote for the entire service: including the price of the chicken house steel structure and the battery cage system. We showed the farmer photos and videos of our chicken house steel structure and battery cage system, and also had a video call with the customer at the factory to show him our factory production process. The farmer was so satisfied with our product that he asked us to help him design a personalized poultry farm solution. as follows:

Chicken house size: 458*3.5M, using stainless steel prefabricated steel structure
Battery cage system sold in Lesotho: 4-tiers A-type laying hen cages are used, each group can accommodate 160 laying hens, with a total of 32 groups of battery cages. A set of gantry-type feeding machine and scraper-type manure cleaning systems are used together.
Now this batch of equipment for raising 10,000 laying hens has been successfully loaded and is ready to be shipped to Lesotho.

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