10400 birds commercial layer cage poultry equipment for sale in Nigeria

In recent years, the poultry industry in Nigeria has witnessed significant growth and development, with an increasing demand for high-quality laying hen cage equipment. This article aims to introduce a project of 10400 birds commercial layer cage poultry equipment for sale in Nigeria.

10400 birds commercial layer cage poultry equipment for sale in Nigeria

The Customer’s Order and Chicken House Details
This customer is a chicken farmer from Lagos, Nigeria. He has a chicken house measures 50 meters in length, 18 meters in width, and 3.5 meters in height.
Based on the customer’s chicken house size and needs, our business manager recommended the 4-tier A-type laying hen cage solution to the customer. The customer finally ordered 65 sets of 4-tier A-type laying hen cages and a set of scraper manure cleaning equipment. Each group of laying hen cages can accommodate 160 hens. These state-of-the-art cages are designed specifically for commercial layer farming, providing optimal conditions for the well-being and productivity of the hens. Fully automatic scraper manure cleaning equipment can reduce manual manure cleaning and help improve the efficiency of manure cleaning in chicken houses.

10400 birds commercial layer cage poultry equipment for sale in Nigeria

Successful Implementation and Customer Satisfaction

It is worth mentioning that the customer has been utilizing our chicken cages for two years now, and they have proven to be highly reliable and efficient. Throughout this period, the cages have demonstrated exceptional durability and functionality, ensuring the well-being and productivity of the laying hens. The absence of any problems or malfunctions during this time underscores the high quality and reliability of our products.

Customer Feedback

Encouraged by the outstanding performance of our laying hen cages, our customer in Lagos plans to expand their breeding volume to 10000 birds. This decision is a testament to the trust and confidence they have in our equipment. Recognizing the efficiency, durability, and long-term benefits of our products, the customer has expressed a desire to continue purchasing equipment from our company.

Our Company

Good Quality Chicken Cages. At our company, we prioritize the quality and functionality of our products. Our laying hen cages are meticulously designed, using high-grade materials and advanced manufacturing techniques. These cages provide a comfortable and hygienic environment for the hens, boosting their productivity and ensuring their well-being.

Exceptional Service Attitude. We place great emphasis on providing exemplary customer service. Our team of dedicated professionals is committed to addressing customer queries, offering technical assistance, and ensuring a smooth purchasing experience. We value our customers’ satisfaction and strive to exceed their expectations through prompt and reliable service.

Competitive Prices. We understand the importance of affordability in the poultry industry. Therefore, our company offers competitive prices for our laying hen cage equipment. By striking a balance between cost-effectiveness and quality, we aim to make our products accessible to a wider range of customers.

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