120 birds A-type laying hen cages for sale in Uganda

In Uganda, 120 birds A-type laying hen cages is very popular between chicken farmers,which can provide a comfortable production environment for the poultry farming industry. These advanced layer cages not only increase the egg production rate of the chickens, but also effectively manage the feeding process. Now, let’s take a deeper look at the advantages of these 120 birds A-type laying hen cages for sale in Uganda and tell you why this is the perfect choice for your chicken business.

Background on chicken farming in Uganda

Uganda is a country in East Africa with rich agricultural resources and potential. Chicken farming is an important part of Uganda’s agriculture and has made important contributions to local farmers and economic development.

Market demand: There is a growing demand for poultry meat and poultry eggs in Uganda’s domestic market. With the increase of population and improvement of living standards, people’s demand for protein-rich and nutritious poultry meat and poultry eggs is also increasing.

Suitable climatic conditions: Uganda’s climatic conditions are very suitable for raising poultry. The warm and humid climate throughout the year provides a good growth environment for poultry.

Government support: The Ugandan government has been committed to promoting agricultural development, including chicken farming. The government encourages farmers to actively participate in the chicken industry and enhance its competitiveness by providing support measures such as loans, technical training and market access.

Local characteristics: Uganda’s chicken industry also has local characteristics. Uganda is rich in land resources, and farmers can use local natural resources, such as using local plants as feed, reducing costs and improving the sustainability of chicken farming.

What is 120 birds A-type laying hen cage

120 birds A-type laying hen cage is the most popular type of chicken cage for chicken farmers. It refers to a A type layer cage with 4 tiers and 5 doors, each door with 3 birds. The size of the chicken layer cage is 1950*350*380mm, and the chickens have plenty of room for movement, and each chicken has about 455cm2 of space for movement. The chicken layer cages are all made of hot-dip galvanized wire, which has high corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and the service life can be as long as 20 years. In addition, our 120 birds A-type laying hen cage has a smooth surface treatment, which can better protect the chickens from being injured, and at the same time, the eggs are not easy to be punctured by the chicken layer cage. While increasing the egg production rate, it can also better reduce the egg breaking rate.

TypeTiersDoorsBirds/doorBirds/setSize/birdCage Size
A type453120455cm21950*350*380mm

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Why chicken farmers choose 120 birds A-type laying hen cages ?

1. Improve chicken performance. 120 birds A-type laying hen cages are specially designed to improve the production performance of chickens. The unique design of these cages provides ample space, allowing the chickens to grow in comfort. In addition, these layer cages also have a good ventilation system to ensure the air circulation in the chicken house, which is helpful for the healthy growth of the chickens.

2. Protect the health and safety of chickens. The structure of 120 birds A-type laying hen cages can provide good health and safety protection for poultry. They are made of high-quality materials for durability and corrosion resistance. This structure keeps the chickens away from external intruders such as rats and other wildlife, and prevents the chickens from attacking each other. What’s more, the design of this layer cage can reduce the chicken’s stepping behavior and prevent the chicken’s feet from being injured.

3. Optimize feeding management. The design of 120 birds A-type laying hen cages enables farmers to better manage the feeding process. Each cage has a set of automated drinking facilities and feed troughs to ensure that each chicken can get enough water and food. In addition, these cages facilitate the daily observation and cleaning of the chickens. Easy and hygienic cleaning helps prevent the spread of disease.

4. Improve egg production rate and economic benefits. By providing a comfortable feeding environment, 120 birds A-type laying hen cages can significantly increase the egg production rate of chickens. Chickens are more comfortable in this environment, free from outside disturbances and stress. Adequate nutrition and good feeding management further promote the health and egg production capacity of chickens. For poultry owners, this means higher productivity and more considerable economic benefits.

LIVI supply 120 birds A-type laying hen cages for sale in Uganda

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