200 Sets 120 Capacity Layer Chicken Cage Delivery to Nigeria

LIVI Poultry Cages, a leading manufacturer of poultry equipment in Nigeria, recently delivered 200 sets of high-capacity layer chicken cages to a commercial poultry farm in the country. This delivery represents a significant step in the modernization and expansion of poultry production in Nigeria.

Features of the Layers Cage for Sale in Nigeria

The 120 capacity layer chicken cages are designed to accommodate a large number of chickens while providing optimal living conditions for egg production. Some of the key features include:

Automated feeding and watering systems: The cages are equipped with automated feeders and waterers, ensuring a consistent supply of feed and water to the chickens.
Sloped floors: The sloping floors allow eggs to roll out of the cages into a central collection system, reducing the risk of breakage and contamination.
Ventilation and climate control: The cages are designed with ample ventilation and temperature control systems, creating a comfortable environment for the chickens to thrive.
Sturdy construction: The cages are made of durable materials, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Benefits of the Layers Cage for Sale in Nigeria

The 120 capacity layer cages offer several benefits for commercial poultry producers:

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Increased egg production: The cages provide an optimized environment for egg production, leading to higher egg yields.
Reduced labor costs: The automated feeding and watering systems minimize labor requirements, saving time and resources.
Improved efficiency: The sloping floors and central egg collection systems enhance efficiency in egg collection and management.

Delivery and Installation

LIVI Poultry Cages coordinated the delivery and installation of the 200 sets of cages in a timely and efficient manner. A team of experienced technicians traveled to the poultry farm to ensure proper assembly and operation of the cages.


The delivery and installation of 200 sets of 120 capacity layer chicken cages by LIVI Poultry Cages represents a major milestone in the development of Nigeria’s poultry industry. These cages will enable commercial poultry farmers to increase egg production and reduce operating costs. LIVI Poultry Cages remains committed to providing innovative and high-quality poultry equipment to support the growing poultry sector in Nigeria.

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