20000 Broiler Chicken Feeder and Drinker Price in Mauritius

Hello fellow poultry lovers! We are LIVI poultry equipment supplier, last year, we sold 20000 broiler chicken feeder and drinker to Mauritius. Now that the project has been installed, the chicken farmer has sent us the installed photos. Share with you.

20000 Broiler Chicken Feeder and Drinker in Mauritius

Broiler chicken feeder and drinker are key components of efficient management of poultry farming. These specialized devices not only simplify the feeding and watering process, but also contribute to the overall health and productivity of your birds. By providing a constant supply of feed and water, broiler chicken farmers can ensure that their flocks receive the essential nutrients and moisture they need for optimal growth.

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20,000 Broiler chicken feeders and waterers are arranged in 2 chicken houses, each housing 10,000 broiler chickens. In each chicken house, the feeders are divided into 3 lines and the drinkers are divided into 4 lines, which are evenly arranged in the chicken house. It is also used in conjunction with ventilation and cooling systems such as fans and water curtains to better regulate indoor temperature and humidity and provide a better environment for the growth of broilers.

Broiler Chicken Feeder and Drinker Price in Mauritius

Now, let’s talk about the price of broiler chicken feeder and drinker . The broiler chicken feeder and drinker price may vary based on their size, materials, and features. On average, a quality broiler feeder costs $10 to $50, while a waterer costs $7 to $30. While the initial investment can be daunting, the long-term benefits far outweigh the costs. These equipment can be used for a long time without replacement. At the same time, they can improve the management efficiency and scientificity of the farm, reduce labor costs, better ensure the health of the chickens and improve productivity, thereby continuously increasing the farm’s income.

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Whether you are an experienced farmer or just starting out in poultry farming, considering the benefits of broiler feeders and drinkers is definitely worth your time. Not only do they streamline your farm management process, but they also help improve the health and productivity of your chicken flocks. So why not try out these basic tools to upgrade your poultry farming?

LIVI Provides Broiler Raising Equipment

LIVI has been engaged in the production and supply of poultry equipment for more than 20 years and sells various poultry equipment globally, including broiler feeders and waterers. Our broiler feeders and waterers are of excellent quality and have certificates such as ISO and CE. At the same time, they are affordable and can provide you with direct factory prices. Contact us now and leave your target breeding volume, and we can provide you with a free chicken farm design plan and quotation. Our email: ends96@zzlivi.com