20000 layers chicken cages for sale in Gauteng South Africa

Recently, a chicken farmer from South Africa ordered 20000 laying hen cage equipment, including 124 sets of layers chicken cages for sale in Gauteng and 2 sets of automatic manure cleaning equipment.
This chicken farmer has two same chicken house. The size of the chicken house is 65*8*3.5M. He plans to raise 10000 laying hens in each chicken house, for a total of 20000 laying hens.
There are 2 rows of chicken cages in each chicken house, with 31 groups in each row.
Each chicken cage holds 160 chickens, and each chicken house has 62 groups of chicken cages to accommodate a total of 9,920 laying hens.
A set of automatic manure cleaning equipment is installed in each chicken house to ensure the hygienic environment of the chicken house.
Below is the chicken house design of this chicken farmer:

How Much is 10000 Layers Poultry Cages for Sale in Uganda

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Currently, this batch of 20000 laying hen equipment is already in production at the factory and will be loaded onto trucks and shipped to Gauteng South Africa soon.
LIVI poultry equipment supplier has been providing layers chicken cages for sale in Gauteng South Africa for nearly 30 years. Our chicken cages are all made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized materials and are ISO, CE certified. At the same time, we have used our own factory and can guarantee to provide you with preferential factory direct prices. If you are interested in our layers chicken cages for sale in Gauteng South Africa, please feel free to leave us a message and we will provide you with a free farm design and quotation within 24 hours.