20000 laying hen chicken cages project in Nigeria

20000 laying hen chicken cages project in Nigeria

Today, we will introduce a 20000 laying hen chicken cages project in Nigeria. This is a project for a client from Lagos, Nigeria. He originally raised 7000 laying hens, and the main purpose of buying equipment this time is to expand the scale of the farm. At the same time, this time he added some automation equipment to improve the work efficiency of the chicken farm. Here is a list of the 20000 laying hen chicken cages project in Nigeria:

*- A-type 4-tier chicken cages: 126 group; 160 birds per group; 20160 birds in total

*- Automatic feeding machine & Silo, 4.5 Ton;

*- Automatic manure removing machine

At present, the poultry equipment he purchased has been successfully transported to Lagos, Nigeria. And is already installed. Here are the photos sent by the customer:

20000 laying hen chicken cages project in Nigeria
20000 laying hen chicken cages project in Nigeria

Customer Feedback

“I purchased LIVI Machinery’s A-type 4-tier chicken cages, feeding towers and automatic manure cleaning equipment. I am very satisfied with the performance and quality of these products. First of all, the design of the layer cages is reasonable, providing a comfortable and safe living environment for the chickens. They have good ventilation and insulation, allow the flocks to spread their wings well, and are easy to manage and clean. This is a huge plus for my farming business.

Secondly, the design and use of the material tower are very convenient. They can effectively store chicken feed and will not deteriorate due to the influence of the external environment. I no longer need to add feed frequently, saving time and energy. Moreover, the structure of the material tower is strong and durable, and there will be no problems in long-term use.

Again, the automatic manure removal equipment is really great! It has greatly eased my job of cleaning out the chicken coop. Just set the time and frequency, and the device will automatically clean up the manure in the chicken coop to keep the chicken coop hygienic and comfortable. This saves me a lot of time and energy.

Finally, the team of LIVI Machinery is very professional. The plan they made for me is very suitable and the price is very reasonable. Our cooperation is very pleasant.

All in all, I am very satisfied with your company’s products and services”


Hope this 20000 layer hen chicken cages project in Nigeria can help customers realize the rapid development of the farm. If you, like this customer, want to expand your farm or start a chicken farming business, we can provide you with affordable poultry farming equipment. We have 30 years of industry experience and have many project cases in Nigeria. Please believe that we can provide you with the best products and services.
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