20000 USD Layer Chicken Cages Ordered by Uganda Customer

This article will introduce you a customer from Uganda who visited our office and factory and paid for an order of 20000 USD layer chicken cages on the spot. Through this case, we will show the customer’s ordering process; customer feedback; and our company’s business scope, etc. We believe this case will be helpful to you who are looking for poultry equipment.

Customer order process

The case started with an email received on a website. One day, we received an email from a customer from Uganda, expressing that he is interested in our layer cages and wants to know the quotation for layer cages. Our account manager quickly contacted the customer after receiving the email, and further learned about his needs from the customer. After communication, our account manager provided customers with multiple solutions and quotations to choose from. The customer is very satisfied with our plan and price, but he wants to visit our company and factory before making a decision.
Therefore, we made an appointment with the customer to visit the company. After the customer arrived at our company, the account manager gave a warm reception and led the customer to our factory for field inspection. Customers have a deep understanding of our production process, equipment technology and product quality control process. He was impressed by our production scale and technical strength, and expressed high expectations for our products.
After the visit, Mr. Client decided on the spot to place an order of 20000 USD layer chicken cages. He paid the full amount and confirmed the delivery time and related details with our salesman. Below is a photo of them signing the contract.

20000 USD Layer Chicken Cages Ordered by Uganda Customer

About Us

Our company is a professional manufacturer of chicken cages, and our products have the following advantages:
Scientific design. Adopt scientific design concepts and technologies to ensure the efficient use of the chicken cage and the healthy growth of the chicken flock.
High-quality materials. Durable, corrosion-resistant hot-dip galvanized materials are selected to ensure a long life for the house and easy cleaning and maintenance.
Complete facilities. We provide comprehensive chicken house supporting facilities, including automatic drinking water system, feeding system, ventilation equipment, etc., to provide good living conditions for the chickens.
Customized servic. According to the needs of customers and the scale of farming, we can provide personalized solutions and ensure that the products fully match the requirements of customers.

20000 USD Layer Chicken Cages Ordered by Uganda Customer

In addition to chicken cage products, our company also provides the following services:
Pre-sales consultation. Our sales team has rich industry knowledge and experience, and can provide customers with professional pre-sales consultation and technical support.
Installation and commissionin. According to customer needs, we can send a professional installation team to the customer site to install and debug chicken house equipment to ensure that everything is running normally.
After-sales service. We provide long-term after-sales service, including equipment maintenance, technical training and question answering, to ensure the smooth operation of customers during use.

In conclusion

We welcome more chicken farmers to visit, consult and order. If you want to order satisfactory poultry equipment like this Ugandan customer, you are welcome to communicate with us at any time. We are always waiting for your visit. You can get in touch with us by leaving a message. And we will do our best to provide you with a satisfactory solution.