30000 Layer Chicken Cages for Sale in KZN South Africa

On December 20, 2023, a chicken farmer from KZN, South Africa purchased 30,000 laying hen cage equipment. The equipment is currently in production and will be shipped to South Africa shortly. In order to provide a reference for more chicken farmers looking for layer chicken cages for sale in South Africa, below we will introduce in detail this successful 30,000-layer breeding equipment project.

30000 Layer chicken cages for sale in KZN South Africa

In early November this year, we received an inquiry from this chicken farmer for equipment for 30,000 laying hens. At the time, he was looking for layer chicken cages for sale in KZN South Africa. He owns a piece of land measuring 100*10M and wants to start this poultry project on this land. Based on the customer’s needs and actual situation, we recommended a fully automated H-type laying hen cage system for this chicken farmer. At the same time, our technical staff helped the customer design a reasonable chicken house layout. The customer was very satisfied with our products and design, and finally placed the order with payment on December 15th.

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Here are the details of the project:

Layer cage type: 144 capacity H-type 4-layer laying hen cage, size is 1200*600*430mm

Number of laying hen cages: 30,000 laying hens require 210 sets of chicken cages, and a total of 30,240 laying hens can be raised.

Chicken house size: 95M*10M*3.5M
Chicken house layout: 210 groups of chicken cages divided into 3 rows, each row has 70 groups
Automated poultry equipment:
3 sets of traveling loading systems
3 sets of automatic egg collection systems
3 sets of flat belt manure cleaning systems
1 set of intelligent environment control system

LIVI poultry equipment manufacturer and supplier in KZN South Africa

We are LIVI poultry equipment manufacturer and supplier, we have our own factory and can guarantee to provide you with factory direct price laying hen cages. At the same time, we have 30 years of industry experience, and all product quality has passed ISO and CE testing. If you are interested in our poultry equipment, please feel free to leave us a message and we will provide you with a free farm design and quotation within 24 hours. Our email: ends96@zzlivi.com