45000 broiler chicken flat-rearing systems sent to Uzbekistan

Dear buyers, we are honored to announce that on August 14, 2023, we successfully shipped 45000 broiler chicken flat-rearing systems to Uzbekistan. This outstanding delivery marks our company’s excellence in the field of poultry farming equipment and our customers’ recognition of our high-quality products.

Here are some photos of the shipment:

45000 broiler chicken flat-rearing systems sent to Uzbekistan
45000 broiler chicken flat-rearing systems sent to Uzbekistan
45000 broiler chicken flat-rearing systems sent to Uzbekistan

broiler chicken flat-rearing systems introduction

Our broiler chicken flat-rearing system is a complete and efficient set of chicken raising equipment designed to help farmers improve the efficiency of raising chickens and reduce labor costs. The system includes two core parts: water line and material line.

Waterline part: Our waterline system adopts advanced automation technology to ensure the stability and safety of drinking water supply. Through properly designed pipes and automatic water feeders, broilers can obtain fresh, clean drinking water at any time to meet their growth and health needs.

Feeding line part: Our feeding line system adopts an intelligent distribution device, which can automatically distribute the amount and frequency of feed according to the needs of the chickens. This not only saves feed resources, but also ensures the balanced feeding and healthy growth of the chickens.

broiler chicken flat-rearing system supplier

We are a company dedicated to providing advanced agricultural equipment with many years of experience and a professional team. We always adhere to the concept of “quality first, customer first”, constantly pursue excellence and innovation, and provide high-quality chicken raising equipment and solutions to farmers around the world.

If you are interested in our broiler chicken flat-rearing system or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our professional team will serve you wholeheartedly and provide detailed product information and solutions. We look forward to cooperating with you to jointly promote the development of the breeding industry!

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