5000 Birds Broiler Chicken Farming Equipment for Sale in Zimbabwe

On August 11, 2023, a Zimbabwean chicken farmer purchased 5000 birds broiler chicken farming equipment from us. Here are pictures of the delivery site:

5000 birds broiler chicken farming equipment project in Zimbabwe

The customer‘s chicken house is 35*12m. He purchased a broiler chicken flat raising system, including 4 automatic drinking lines and 3 automatic feeding lines.

Supplier of Chicken Farming Equipment for Sale in Zimbabwe

Here is the list of poultry equipment we supply:

  1. Poultry Cages: including layers and broilers battery cages
  2. Feeders: Automatic or manual feeders
  3. Waterers: Automatic or manual waterers
  4. Egg Collection Systems
  5. Egg Grading and Sorting Machines
  6. Manure Removal Systems
  7. Incubators: Used for artificial incubation of eggs to hatch chicks.
  8. Brooders: Heating equipment to provide warmth to newly hatched chicks.
  9. Ventilation Systems: Fans, exhaust fans, and ventilation curtains
  10. Lighting Systems
  11. Poultry Feed Storage Equipment: Silos or bins
  12. Poultry Processing Equipment: Equipment for slaughtering, plucking
  13. Poultry Feed Milling Machines
  14. Poultry Waste Management Equipment: Composting machines or waste treatment systems
  15. Poultry House Construction

If you need poultry equipment, please contact us for more poultry equipment details.

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