5000 Chicken Poultry Battery Cage System for Sale in Zimbabwe

We are pleased to share with you our latest successful shipment of 5000 chicken poultry battery cage system for sale in Zimbabwe. As a leading poultry equipment supplier, we pride ourselves on delivering innovative and efficient solutions. This shipment demonstrates our commitment to meeting the needs of large-scale poultry farming operations.

5000 Chicken Poultry Battery Cage System for Sale in Zimbabwe

This customer from Zimbabwe is a new chicken farmer who originally raised 500 laying hens in his backyard. In order to expand the income from chicken raising, he decided to expand the size of the chicken house. Increase the breeding capacity to 5,000 laying hens. In order to save space as much as possible and improve management efficiency, he decided to purchase a batch of poultry battery cage systems to raise chickens. He saw our poultry battery cage system for sale in Zimbabwe online and sent us a message online.

Our sales staff quickly contacted him and recommended him a customized poultry farming solution based on his needs. The specific scheme of this 5000 poultry battery cage system is:

Cage Type: A type, 4 tier, 5 door, 160 birds/set.
Chicken Cage Layout: 2 rows/house, 16 sets/row, 32 sets/house.
Chicken House Size: 40M*8M*3.5M.
Total Capacity of One Chicken House: 5120 birds/house.

5000 Chicken Poultry Battery Cage System for Sale in Zimbabwe

5000 birds layer chicken cage system shipping list:

  1. A type layer battery chicken cage system: 32 sets in total.
  2. Semi-automatic feeding trolley: 1 set
  3. Installation tools?1 set?free of charge

Poultry Battery Cage System for Sale in Zimbabwe

Our poultry battery cage system is one of our core products and is a key component of modern poultry farming equipment. Our poultry battery cage system uses advanced automation technology to provide a comfortable and safe living environment for poultry. The system includes automatic feed supply, automatic water supply, waste cleaning and other functions, which effectively improves breeding efficiency and productivity.

Our poultry battery cage systems are designed with high-quality hot-dip galvanized materials and construction to ensure their durability and reliability. They are easy to install and maintain, and can be customized to meet the customer’s specific needs. Our system also has intelligent management functions that can monitor and adjust the supply of feed and water in real time, helping farmers achieve precise feeding management.

5000 Chicken Poultry Battery Cage System for Sale in Zimbabwe

For poultry farmers looking for efficient and reliable equipment, we invite you to experience the quality and performance of our poultry battery cage systems. Our systems not only provide advanced automation capabilities, but also offer high durability and reliability. Contact us to learn more about our products, discuss your specific needs and discover how we can support your poultry farming success. Let us work together to build a sustainable and prosperous poultry farming industry.


The successful shipment of 5000 poultry battery cage systems to Zimbabwe highlights our commitment as a poultry equipment supplier. We are proud to provide high quality products and comprehensive support to poultry farmers worldwide. Contact us today to start your poultry farming journey.