50000 chickens layer poultry farm in Abuja Nigeria

This is a 50000 layer poultry farm in Abuja Nigeria. The farmer who founded the farm, originally from Abuja, Nigeria, owned a one-hectare piece of land on which he wanted to start a successful poultry business.

The farmer wanted a fully automated poultry breeding system, including automatic feeding, egg collection, manure cleaning, etc. Regarding the choice of poultry cage, he wanted the five-tiers H-type battery cage for sale in Nigeria. At first, he contacted us and hoped that we would provide him with the best solution suggestions and the most favorable quotation.
Based on the customer’s actual situation and needs, our professional technicians quickly calculated the best poultry equipment recommendations, and at the same time we recommended the chicken house construction size for him. The following is a detailed introduction to this 50000 chickens layer poultry farm in Abuja Nigeria:
Poultry equipment suggestions: Use 5-tiers H-type laying hen poultry cages, each of which can accommodate 240 laying hens. 208 groups of such poultry farm cages can be used to raise 49,920 laying hens. In addition, it is equipped with fully automatic driving feeding equipment, fully automatic egg collection equipment, fully automatic flat belt manure cleaning equipment and a complete set of automatic environmental control systems.
Chicken house design: 105m long, 12m wide and 4m high. The chicken house is divided into 4 rows, with 52 groups of chicken cages placed in each row.
Below are the design drawings and on-site photos of this farm:

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