51200 Layer Battery Cage System Sent Out Successfully In Ghana

In September, 2023, 51200 layer battery cage system were sent out successfully in Ghana.

The chicken farmer was very satisfied with our company’s chicken cages and completed all payments last month. He came to our factory to inspect our battery cage system and wanted both quality and cheapness, and we met their requirements.

Due to the hot weather in his hometown, he chose an open chicken coop frame structure. The size of the customer’s chicken house is 90M*8M*3.5M (length*width*height), and the cage diameter is 190cm*45cm*43cm. He purchased 320 sets, and one set can accommodate 160 layers.
He purchased an A-type 4-layer, 4-door laying hen cage with 51,200 chickens. It is equipped with an automatic egg collection system, an automatic feeding system and an automatic manure cleaning system. It has no ventilation equipment or environmental control system.

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