A Success Story of Layer Chicken Cages Enhancing Egg Production in Nigeria

In recent years, Nigeria’s poultry industry has witnessed significant growth, with a rising demand for high-quality eggs. One of the leading players in this sector, LIVI Poultry Equipment Supplier, recently partnered with a prominent poultry farm in Nigeria to provide 66 sets of state-of-the-art layer chicken cages. These chicken cages support the successful of egg production and the overall profitability of the farm.

1. The Challenge

The poultry farm, located in Nigeria, faced challenges in maximizing egg production due to outdated housing systems and inadequate management practices. The farm’s traditional open-floor system posed limitations in terms of space utilization, cleanliness, and disease control. The farm’s management recognized the need for an upgrade to modern layer chicken cages to optimize egg production and ensure the welfare of their hens.

2. The Solution

LIVI Poultry Equipment Supplier, renowned for its innovative and efficient poultry housing solutions, collaborated with the farm to provide a comprehensive solution. A total of 66 sets of layer chicken cages were supplied to meet the specific requirements of the farm. These cages offered a space-saving design and incorporated advanced features to enhance egg production, bird welfare, and overall farm efficiency.

The following is the scheme design?

  • Cage?Type:?A?type,?4?tier,?5?door,?160?birds/set.
  • Chicken?Cage?Layout:?3?rows/house,?22?sets/row,?66?sets/house.
  • Size?of?the?Chicken?House:?50M*12M*3.5M.
  • Total?Capacity?of?One?Chicken?House:?10,560?birds/house.

3. Advanced Features of the Layer Chicken Cages

The layer chicken cages provided by LIVI Poultry Equipment Supplier were equipped with several advanced features, including:

a. Vertical Design. The vertical layout of the cages maximized space utilization, allowing for a larger number of hens to be housed within a limited area. This design ensured optimal airflow, reducing the risk of respiratory diseases and enhancing bird comfort.

b. Manure Removal System. The cages were equipped with an efficient manure removal system, ensuring cleanliness and reducing the risk of disease transmission. This automated system facilitated easy removal and disposal of manure, maintaining a hygienic environment for the hens.

c. Feeding and Watering System. The layer chicken cages incorporated an automated feeding and watering system, ensuring a constant supply of clean water and feed for the hens. This system minimized wastage, reduced labor requirements, and provided a consistent nutrient supply, contributing to improved egg production.

d. Egg Collection System. The cages were designed with a seamless egg collection system, allowing for easy and efficient egg collection without disturbing the hens. This feature reduced stress on the birds and minimized the risk of egg damage, ensuring high-quality eggs for the market.

4. Results and Impact

The application of the layer chicken cages by LIVI Poultry Equipment Supplier had a significant impact on the farm’s egg production and overall profitability. The key results achieved were:

a. Increased Laying Rate: The layer chicken cages provided a conducive environment for the hens, resulting in improved laying rates. The vertical design and enhanced ventilation promoted bird comfort and reduced stress levels, leading to higher egg production.

b. Enhanced Disease Control: The modern housing system minimized disease transmission, contributing to healthier hens and reduced mortality rates. The efficient manure removal system and improved hygiene practices significantly reduced the risk of disease outbreaks, ensuring sustainable egg production.

c. Improved Labor Efficiency. The automated features of the layer chicken cages reduced labor requirements, allowing the farm’s staff to focus on other essential tasks. This led to improved operational efficiency and reduced labor costs for the farm.

d. Increased Profitability: With the enhanced laying rate and improved egg quality, the farm experienced a significant increase in profitability. The modern housing system optimized space utilization, allowing for a larger number of hens to be housed, resulting in higher egg production and increased revenue.

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