A-Type 4-Tier Layer Battery Chicken Cage for Sale in Douala Cameroon

Looking for reliable, efficient solutions for your poultry farming needs in Cameroon? A-Type 4-Tier layer battery chicken cage help you poultry farming success.

A-Type 4-Tier Layer Battery Chicken Cage

The A-Type 4-Tier Layer Battery Chicken Cage is a cutting-edge poultry equipment solution designed to optimize space utilization and improve the efficiency of poultry farming operations. This innovative cage system allows for the housing of layers in a multi-tiered configuration, maximizing the number of birds that can be accommodated within a limited space.

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With four tiers, this A-Type layer battery chicken cage provides ample room for layers to move around comfortably while ensuring proper ventilation and hygiene. The sturdy construction of the cage ensures the safety and well-being of the birds, while the easy-to-clean design facilitates efficient management of the flock.

Ideal for both small-scale and commercial poultry farms, the A-Type 4-Tier Layer Battery Chicken Cage from LIVI poultry equipment suppliers is a cost-effective solution that can help farmers increase productivity and profitability. By investing in this high-quality poultry cage, farmers can expect to see improvements in egg production, bird health, and overall farm management.

15000 Layer Battery Chicken Cage for Sale in Douala Cameroon

We recently sold a 15000-layer battery chicken cage to Douala Cameroon, designed to meet the needs of commercial poultry farming. This high-capacity cage system provides a cost-effective and space-saving solution for laying hen houses, ensuring optimal production and management efficiency. With its durable construction and user-friendly design, this 15,000-layer battery chicken coop is ideal for farmers looking to maximize their poultry production potential.

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  • 15,000pcs layer battery cage system in total
  • 4-Tier A-type Layer Chicken Cage
  • Load quantity: 120pcs per set
  • Cage Size: 1950*350*380mm

Our team is now installing the project in Cameroon, if you also need a project, feel free to contact us

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