About the characteristics of broiler cages

Many Nigerian friends do not know the characteristics of chicken broiler cages. Because broiler chicken is the choice of most farmers. And in the process of raising chickens in broiler cages. Good feeding management can have great benefits for the growth and development of broilers.


The farmers first observe the weight changes of the broilers in the broiler cages. In order to achieve an ideal body weight, the five major breeding elements of temperature, ventilation, density, light and humidity must be done well. Within one week of breeding, farmers can reasonably eliminate broilers in order to improve the overall quality of broilers.



Also pay attention to the breeding. Try to let the chicks get good development. Avoid poor growth of chickens due to improper feeding. Body weight and uniformity are important for chicks. So carefully pick out the chickens that are not in good condition. Feed alone.


Although the light has no great relationship with the growth of the chicks, reasonable light can change the feed intake of the chicks, and the breeder is in the broiler chick period. Make sure that the light intensity is above 20 lux. You can use a 60w incandescent lamp for the first 7 days and keep the light for 1-3 days 24 hours. From the 4th day on, the light time will be reduced by 1 hour per day.


The broiler chicks require a relatively high temperature. Farmers should pay attention to the temperature of the chicks in the first 3 days of age. The temperature is generally controlled at 35-37?. If the chicks are weak, they can be appropriately increased by about 1?, and the temperature should be controlled at 34-36? for 4-7 days. Maintaining an appropriate, uniform and stable temperature is essential to the health and growth of the chicks, and is the key to raising the chicks.


In the process of using broiler cages to raise chickens, farmers should pay attention to the breeding density of broiler chickens. The breeding density of broiler chickens is different at each stage. Therefore, farmers should adjust the reasonable density according to the growth of broiler chickens in a timely manner, so that broiler chickens can grow healthily.