What are the advantages of automatic chicken raising equipment?

Automatic poultry equipment mainly consists of a battery system, automated collection of eggs, manure removal automation systems, automatic feeding device, automatic lighting system, environment control system of using automation control equipment design, operation is simple, suitable for different size of the brood, broilers and laying hens intensive breeding. Now a lot of chicken farmers feel gradually cannot meet the needs of their traditional chicken equipment, is gradually from the traditional farming equipment to the automation of breeding, cultivation to the intensive, formal, standardized development.
The unit space of automatic chicken raising equipment is very high density, the raising output quantity is big, can realize the benefit reasonable multiplication. If the chicken is raised in flat or shed, it will take up more space. It’s a lot denser to use the automated chicken cage, so it’s the same building area of the chicken house that raises more chickens.
Using automatic poultry equipment, have professional manure removal and feeding equipment, so that you can timely the feces within the hen-house cleaning out, but also ensures the hen-house environment clean, no pollution, to provide good living environment, chickens with automatic feeding system for chickens to feed can guarantee the uniform feeding, which can improve the homogeneous degree of the chickens grow, laying hens can improve the rate.
Use automatic chicken farming chicken equipment, the equipment can be automatically instead of manual work, so can save labor costs for farmers to use, reduce the cost of farmers hire labor. The use of automation equipment is more convenient for mechanization and can greatly improve labor productivity, which is to greatly reduce labor costs.
The use of automation equipment to guarantee the hen-house environment, like manure removal machine can automatic timing dung, timely sort out chickens to produce waste, reduce the chance of hen-house bacteria and ammonia, hen-house environment good chickens grow naturally. In particular, the vertical ventilation of the stacked cage is large, and the temperature, humidity and wind speed of the air flow are stable, and the chicken manure is naturally dried. The manure is loose with chicken manure, which is not sticky and has a small odor, which greatly improves the air environment in the house.
Automation equipment through automatic ventilation system can automatically adjust the inlet, oxygen content and humidity, ensure the healthy growth of chicken and egg safety, high quality, realize the inner temperature, humidity, ventilation, day-lighting is whether uniform distribution, automated management of wet curtain fan, etc.
Automation breeding hen house generally implement fully enclosed management way, thus can reduce the entry of foreigners, on the one hand, can reduce the stress reaction of the crowd, on the other hand, can reduce external bacteria, reduce the production of chickens disease, improve its survival rate.
The automatic equipment adopts closed feeding management, which is conducive to the control of disease and the control of drug residues, which lays the foundation for the realization of the condition of the chicken health and safety requirements. Chicken eggs are of good quality, be helpful for export, improve market competitiveness, has provided the safeguard to effectively deal with foreign technical barriers, is the current implementation poultry breeding intensive, standardization, and the direction of the high quality and efficiency.