The advantages and characteristics of broiler battery chicken cage system

Battery broiler chicken cage system materials using the hot-dip zinc process, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, the overall structure overlapping take half a step, cages are fixed in Angle steel frame on both sides, top and bottom half superimposed, the cage frame step. The front net of the meat chicken cage is fixed.There is an activity net on the front of the net that can be adjusted. A chicken cage door is opened on the front. The front line has a slot and a high plate, which can be adjusted up and down. The utility model can make the chicks shine evenly, improve the ventilation property, and facilitate the cleaning of dung.
The improvement of the structure of the front and cage doors can greatly reduce the mechanical damage to the chicken, and can eliminate the phenomenon of flight poultry chicken escape. And from the end of the chicken cage net structure, the bottom of the chicken cage with smooth surface, elastic, can greatly reduce the incidence of pox, suitable for mechanized continuous production, high labor efficiency, lower cost, firm structure, corrosion resistance, long service life and can improve the density of the chicken breeding, improve the environment in the hen-house, labor saving.
So what are the advantages and characteristics of broiler battery chicken cage system? Let’s introduce some of them.
In the first place, the chicken caged in the meat reduces the cost of the chicken by l %, reduces the number of feeding cocks and saves 10 ~ 15% of the feed.
Secondly, raising the feeding density and the utilization ratio of the premises can save the needed for the ground.
Third, effective control of the disease through fecal transmission, the savings of drug costs.
Fourth, the chicken is only to eat even, easy to restrict the feeding, the chicken group is high in order, open production, high egg production rate, long duration, raise the breeding force of the hen.
Fifthly, artificial insemination technology is adopted to improve the fertilization rate of seed eggs, so as to facilitate the identification of the semen quality of the roosters.
Sixth, there is no nest egg, the egg is clean, the egg rate is low, the egg utilization rate is high.
Seventh, change the environment inside the chicken house, easy to raise the technical personnel to observe the chicken group, raise the labor productivity.
In the case of centralized management, the poultry layered chicken coop system not only saves energy and resources, but also reduces the incidence of avian diseases. I believe this is a new way for farmers to raise their breeding efficiency.