Advantages of poultry automatic farming chicken cages

Automation poultry farming chicken cages is with the rapid development of social economy, the result of a poultry market boom, and as people’s strict with food, farming equipment technology promotion, equipment automation and scale are rising steadily.
I company production of laying hens, broiler chicken, and a full set of automatic equipment, has realized the ventilation system, egg collection system, drinking water system, manure removal system, and has simple structure, stable performance, feeding uniform, province electricity industry, the advantages of strong and durable.
Poultry automatic farming chicken cages automation product advantage mainly lies in the coop technology design science, effectively relieve fatigue of chicken, improve the laying rate, egg broken rate was 0%, double galvanized, not embroidered, long service life, good elasticity, not deformation, not pendulous, simple structure, less material, installation of control is simple, easy-to-use, chicken feed position can be arbitrary change, can accommodate more chicken together.
Poultry automation farming chicken cages is adopted on the market at present in the of relatively popular a kind of chicken cages, its reason is that the design of the chickens cages for provides a comfortable environment, make the chicken play a better role in the process of breeding, the design of the main strengths of cages in the former nets and door, cage rearing density, roll Angle from the several aspects reflect the interests of poultry. And it can also reduce the chance of the chicken being injured, and better protect the feathers of the chickens.
Poultry cages automation equipment need to clean inside and outside, to ensure the sliding surface, screw, rack, gear box, the place such as oil hole without oil, each part do not leak, do not leak, equipment around the chip, debris and dirt to clean; Tools, accessories, work-pieces (products) should be neatly placed, piping and lines should be organized; Lubricate good time to fill oil or change oil, continuously oil, dry mo phenomenon, oil pressure normal, oil standard bright, oil road smooth, oil quality meets the requirements, oil gun, oil cup, linoleum cleaning; Comply with the safety operation procedures, not overload the equipment, the equipment safety protection devices are all reliable, timely eliminate the unsafe factors.
Our company is a comprehensive enterprise which is engaged in the production, sales and service of livestock modernization scale breeding equipment. Company in line with the aim of modernization, scale, and standardization, automation, provide farmers with chicken cages equipment, feeding equipment, drinking water equipment, environmental monitoring equipment, manure removal equipment, eggs collection system, feed processing equipment, auxiliary equipment and a series of professional products. The company provides chicken house design, product design installation, technical consultation and other whole-process services for the farmers, choosing us to let you have no worries.