Advantages of the use of poultry farming automation equipment

In the vigorous development of science and technology today, poultry farming automation equipment development is very rapid, automatic feeding system, automatic egg collection equipment and manure removal equipment such as various automation poultry products also arises at the historic moment, then you know the advantage of using automatic poultry equipment, the following will give you a brief introduction of the use of poultry automatic poultry equipment advantages.
Poultry automatic chicken raising equipment has only started to rise in recent years. With the emergence of the egg-laying cage, the poultry industry in the world has been developed on a large scale. With the decline of the feed price and the increasing mechanization degree, the poultry market has begun to develop into a large scale, intensive, automatic and high efficiency. On the basis of the analysis of various statistical data, the upgrading of farming mechanical products on a large scale, make farming machinery equipment with modern high technology level, the mechanization of laminated caged water technology of laying hens and chickens, feeding, chicken manure cleaning processing, eggs collection and egg processing tend to be automated.
Using poultry farming equipment automation, hen house can implement fully enclosed management way, can reduce the stress reaction of the crowd, still can reduce bacteria, reduce the production of chickens disease, improve the survival rate of poultry. All the equipment of the poultry farm automation equipment can be operated automatically, which can save labor cost for the farmers and reduce the cost of the farmers’ labor.
Using poultry automatic farming equipment covers an area of less, so that farmers in the hen-house built don’t need to build the hen house of large area, so that farmers and be able to save a lot of the hen house of area of rental fees.
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