The application and maintenance of laying cages egg hens

Cascading laying hens battery model has improve housing, land utilization, the advantages of lower investment cost, improve the labor productivity, combining with the fully enclosed environment control mode development, formed a set of laying hens intensive feeding, high efficiency management mode. Cascading caged layers are complete sets of equipment basic meet the requirements of the biology behavior of chickens (health and production), are the same kind of caged poultry market mechanical equipment, mechanical and electrical integration of science and technology content in the highest degree of poultry equipment, it represents the poultry farming mechanization, automation development direction.
The cage is the place where the hens live. The structure of the egg-cage is reasonable, which directly affects the egg production performance of the chickens. The density of the mesh grid should be suitable, the strength and elasticity of the bottom net should be suitable, and the Angle of the roll should be reasonable. The broken egg rate is less than 1%. The bottom network should be made of high strength and high elastic quality materials to meet the technical requirements of poultry walking comfort, low breaking egg rate and low dirty egg rate.
In the cascading egg cages equipment automatic poultry farming feeding system, feeding process does not require any person to operate, the entire process is fully automatic. The basic work process is as follows: The feed delivers the feed to the feed storage tower outside the house on time, and then the horizontal feed device feeds the feed in the feed tower to the feed drive hopper of each column cage at a set time. After the last hopper is filled with feed, the in-feed unit automatically stops feeding. Feeding vehicles running back by the set time, running to each end of the cage when the car stopped automatically.
After feeding the feed of the feeding trough (set a certain amount of time), the feeding drive automatically runs to the front end of the cage, and then stops automatically in the head-frame position. In the course of operation, the vehicle once again distributes the feed evenly in the feeding trough, and the process completes the feeding program. The number of feedings per day depends on the specific conditions of each farm.
Water supply water system cascading laying hens caged equipment installed in the each layer on top of the coop, each cage set two nipples, for the left and right sides of the coop chicken only drink water, this chicken spatter spray wouldn’t fall into the chicken manure, make more dry chicken manure. The front end of each waterline is equipped with a filter, smart meter, applicator and pressure regulator. Through the digital information of smart meters, we can learn about the daily water consumption of chickens and the health status of chickens.
In the course of laying hens, manure can become a treasure, or it can become a disaster. Relatively dry chicken manure can be sold directly to farmers as organic fertilizer to grow crops; Or it can be processed into compound granule fertilizer for resale, the profit is considerable. It is not only difficult to handle, but also cause environmental pollution.
The manure removal system of the layer – layer egg chicken cage is unique in structure. Set up in every layer below the coop a belt of longitudinal night-soil, so that each layer flocks of chicken manure scattered on night-soil belt, under the action of the longitudinal flow of air, most of the chicken manure moisture out of the house, make the chicken manure water content is reduced greatly. When waste cleanup, because night-soil level off is smooth, was cleared of chicken manure outside makings, the chicken manure can be directly sold to farmers, can also be processed into compound fertilizer, can not only improve the economic efficiency, and avoid the pollution of the environment.
The automatic egg collecting and conveying system is an important part of the layered laying hens. During the collection and delivery of eggs, any link may affect the rate of broken eggs.
Automatic ventilation and cooling system is the basis for realizing the automation of laminated laying hens. Due to the high density of hens’ breeding, the climate environment in the house is completely controlled by the automatic ventilation cooling system. If the automatic ventilation cooling system is not allowed, the impact on the production of chickens is very large. Therefore, in the design of automatic ventilation and cooling system, according to the climate conditions of local farms, we must not be dogmatic and blind.