The application of poultry farming layers cage system in poultry farm

Poultry farming layers cage system equipment application in farms?is farmers are now more emphasis on farming methods, this method is to poultry farming in layers cages, and according to the variety and time planning and different types of cages and then equipped with manure removal equipment, feeding equipment, egg collection equipment , environmental control system and other large poultry farming production automation equipment. The main advantage of this kind of cage aquaculture equipment is to raise the density of poultry, save the feed, and conducive to poultry control disease transmission.

Poultry farming automatic layer cages equipment

Poultry farming layers cages equipment including laying hens cage, broiler cage, brood cage, most farmers are now using poultry cage breeding chicken, poultry farming the layer cages is not only convenient and save space, also can effectively prevent infectious diseases, improve the survival rate of chicken, and thus improve the economic benefit of farmers.
Drinking water systems used in poultry farming farms include ?water pressure regulators, filters, water pipes and drinking-water systems. The water fountain has a variety of nipples, cups . From the point of view of saving water and preventing bacterial contamination, the nipple type drinker is the ideal water supply for poultry feeding. However, when choosing, it is important to pay attention to the sealing performance of the nipple water fountain, and must choose the high quality water fountain. According to the structure, it is generally divided into cone valve type and ball valve type.
The manure removal system mainly consists of scraper type cleaning, flat belt type (conveyor belt type) cleaning two kinds of equipment. Manure removal system widely used in poultry breeding poultry dung out, can realize unmanned management, automatic timing dung, easy operation, automatic manual arbitrary transformation, can improve the hen-house environment, reducing the occurrence of poultry diseases.china chicken manure removing system suppliers
Automatic feeding equipment in poultry farms mainly trough, which is used to feed the chickens. The shape of the trough has a great influence on the dispersal of poultry feed, the trough is too shallow, and the lack of protection will cause more waste of feed. With the continuous development of technology and the continuous upgrading of equipment, the automatic feeding machine is also widely used by farms.H frame chain feeding cage system supplier
The automated of egg collection equipment used in poultry breeding farms is scientific, mechanized and intensive, which improves the automation level of the farms and saves the labor force. The equipment system has the function of preventing egg slipping and breakage, reducing the rate of breaking eggs, and can reduce manpower and material expenditure. Through the conveyor belt conveyor, the eggs are transported from the cage net to the head end of the chicken coop or through the central egg system to the egg bank, which is highly automated and labor-saving, which greatly improves the production efficiency.egg collecting system in china
Poultry farming equipment applied to farms automatic environment control system is composed of precision control technology to ensure save feed, reducing the consumption of energy, interface software easier to manage, in more than one computer terminal can manage hen-house, comprehensive data real-time transmission, let the chicken can grow in the appropriate temperature humidity all the year round, to greatly reduce the mortality of chicken.chicken climate control system manufacturer
As for the development of large-scale farming, advanced poultry raising equipment is indispensable. If there is no modern advanced animal husbandry engineering facilities and equipment, the modern scale breeding of poultry industry is difficult to achieve. However, it is worth noting that the advanced animal husbandry facilities and equipment have different performance characteristics and must be matched with the different production methods, objectives and scale of the breeding enterprises. Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd according to user needs to know more about the corresponding livestock facilities, equipment performance and characteristics, development and production of the automation of breeding equipment to achieve the scientific and reasonable, give full play to the farming equipment in the process of breeding has the bigger role.