Automated poultry broiler breeding cage system for sale

Broilers as we all know are species of birds basically reared for meat production. In today’s broiler industry, different housing systems are used in broiler production. In the breeding mode of broiler chickens, the most common method of breeding is to use broiler cage system to breed broilers. It is a kind of automated poultry cage system specially developed for broiler chickens, which is combined with the growth characteristics and feeding methods of broilers.

A set of standard automated broiler cage system

Broiler cage system provide more space and benefits for broiler farming. Next, we will introduce the components of a complete set of standard automated poultry cage system for broilers .

Poultry broiler cages . First of all, broiler chicken cages are indispensable. Broiler cages can be divided into A type cages and H type cages. However, because H type cages can breed more broilers than A type cages in the same space, most chicken farmers choose H type broiler cages when raising broilers. Therefore, a set of standard broiler cage system best to include H type broiler cages.

Automated broiler drinking system . The drinking water system in the broiler cage breeding system is composed of PVC square water pipes, pressure reducing valves, steel column drinking nipples, hanging cups, etc. Broilers need to be equipped with drinking water bottles when they are young.

Automated broiler feeding system . The feeding system is usually divided into gantry feeding machine and driving feeding machine. Because broiler cages are usually H type cages, the feeding system needs to use driving feeding machine. There are two hoppers on each floor of the driving feeder, and each hopper can hold 50kg of feed.In addition, feed towers can be installed outside the chicken house.

Manure removal system . Broiler cage systems are suitable for use with flat belt manure removal systems. The manure removal belt is made of pp material with smooth surface. The belt will not deviate during the process of manure cleaning, and the manure can be cleaned thoroughly.

Environmental control system . The environmental control system of the broiler cage system usually includes fans, water curtains, side wind windows and intelligent environmental control cabinets.It can better control the temperature and humidity of the chicken house and so on.

4 tiers broiler cage

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Advantages of automated poultry broiler breeding cage equipment

The development of modern poultry farming has experienced twists and turns. So far, there has been a  great development in poultry farming. Many small ranches work well and are well managed. Poultry farming scale gradually expanded, expanding profits, expanding reproduction. And began using automated poultry broiler breeding cage system.
From the chicken cop heating, the traditional chicken house heating space is unbalanced, high energy consumption, poor results, not ventilated, often because of the lack of fresh air, causing a variety of diseases.
However, the automated poultry breeding cage system, combined with the environmental control system, allows the heating to be supplied to every part of the chicken coop, internally and externally circulated, freely switched over, warming and ventilation can be synchronized to rapidly improve air quality in the house, effective prevention of respiratory diseases.
Automated poultry broiler breeding cage system with a high degree of automation, not only saves the land resources but also saves labor costs, reducing the cost of medication while also saving the feed.
Poultry broiler breeding cage equipment automation can effectively improve the breeding density, and in density than traditional farming density can be more than 2 times.
Another advantage of broiler breeding cage systems is that broiler chickens are not contact to manure, clean and hygienic, and are equipment with automated manure removal equipment and ventilation to ensure good air quality in the house and provide favorable environmental conditions for poultry growth, disease control can also effectively reduce the incidence of disease epidemic situation.

broiler cage systems

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Broiler cage system poultry farming plan

We are a Chinese poultry equipment manufacturer supply broiler chicken cages for sale all over the world. Last month, we just sold broiler cage system for 50000 broilers in South Africa.

This client is an experienced chicken farmer who was recently looking for broiler chicken cages for sale. He saw our automated poultry cages for sale online and sent us an email to learn more details . Our salesman quickly contacted the customer, and learned through communication that the customer is currently expanding his farm. He has a piece of land that is 100 meters long and 12 meters wide. He wants us to help him design the equipment plan for raising 50,000 broilers.

According to customer needs, the poultry farming plan we finally recommend include:

1. Chicken cage: 5 tiers H type broiler chicken cages, 17 birds/door, 170 birds/set, 74 sets/row, 4 rows/house, 294 sets/house, 50320 birds/house

2. Automatic feeding system: 4 sets driving type feeding machines

3. Automatic drinking system: 4 sets automatic drinking machines

4. Automatic manure cleaning system: 4 sets flat belt manure cleaning systems

5. Environmental control system: 17 fans, 19 wet curtains, 68 side windows, 1 set intelligent environmental control cabinet

Besides South Africa, we also have broiler chicken cages for sale in many countries,like Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and other many countries. If you are interested in raising chickens in cages, please feel free to contact us.Our salesman will contact you within 24 hours. We have about 30 years of experience in broiler breeding cage equipment. Please believe that we can provide you with the best chicken cages and services. We can not only provide you with standardized poultry cage systems, but also customize them according to your needs.