Automated poultry farming equipment for broiler chickens

Many farmers will think your hen-house chickens quantity is more, you will be busy don’t come here, need to hire Lab-our to manage in a crowd, don’t have a high cost, actually otherwise, the chickens on the cage breeding, its range is very small, so feed in various aspects, such as water feeding more convenient in management, flat to raise breeding need to how much human use coop even increased the number of so many also won’t increase the manpower, and conditional farmers will also purchase automatic poultry equipment to assist the breeding, automatic feeding, manure removal etc, more do not need manpower cost.
Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd the main research and development of the production of the automatic poultry farming equipment for the production , the automatic equipment for laying hens, and the automatic equipment for raising young, can also be customized according to the needs of customers.
First of all, the fully automatic chicken caged equipment, which is the quality of the chicken that some farmers choose, does not match, which will also affect the normal life of the chickens. So we choose automatic poultry equipment, the equipment should be matched between, for the normal growth and development of chickens and reasonable flow, give full play to the farming equipment utilization and availability, make contribution on each hen or egg per kilogram of depreciation cost more reasonable, which could reduce production cost, improve the breeding benefit.
Secondly, there are many mistakes in the use of automated poultry farming equipment. There are a lot of chicken raising area often too small, feeding density too large, feed and drinking water trough not enough. At the same time, raising the young, raising the proportion of the egg chicken and the imbalance, the broiler, and do not meet the requirements. This situation has seriously affected one of the important factors of poultry economic benefit.
With the progress of the society, also began to use on farmers work in poultry production automation equipment, automation equipment can be used to farming different day age of chickens, the automation equipment in chicken farming industry was deeply loved by everyone. Mainly has the following characteristics of automatic poultry cage has a strong and durable, beautiful and easy, and the device is also used in the production of low carbon steel cold wire drawing, very strong and durable. At the same time, the equipment also adopts special process steel wire, so it can withstand the stacking of 3 to 4 layers, which helps the farmers to save a lot of breeding space, and indirectly saves the breeding investment.
In the end, the automatic chicken cage equipment, the equipment in the design, also added the unique cage door design, effectively prevent the chicken from feeding on the head up and down to waste feed. These are the benefits of using caged broiler equipment, and hope that the above content can help you.
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