Automatic chicken farm feeder system

With the development of science and technology, poultry breeding industry is also rapidly entering the modern and automated breeding mode. However, no matter what kind of breeding mode, will use modern farming equipment, in order to reduce farming costs and increase farming income.
For chicken farms, the cost of feed is a problem to be considered. For these problems, our chicken farm automatic feeding system can effectively avoid the waste of feed, in the cost savings, but also improve the efficiency.
Automatic chicken farm feeder system is a favorite feeding system for modern large chicken farms. There are many kinds of feeding systems now, but the working principle and the equipment configuration of the system are approximately the same.

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Automatic Poultry Feeding System

The quality of feeding system is good or bad, the key lies in the coordination within the system and the interaction between various parts.
The feeding machine of automatic feeding system in chicken farm is mainly divided into three kinds, namely, Longmen type feeding machine, traveling type feeding machine and chain type feeding machine.
The common advantage of these feeding machines is that they are very uniform in adding the feed and reduce the waste of the feed. The traveling speed can be adjusted by itself, the operation is saved, and the breeding management is also convenient.
Chicken farm automatic feeding equipment by the rack, walking power output system, walking system, cutting power system, feed regulating system, power distribution system and lifting system.
These systems cooperate with each other to reduce work intensity, shorten the time and improve work efficiency, which is the first choice for poultry farm breeding.