Automatic farming equipment for laying egg hens

Automation poultry farming is now hot word, many farmers have begun laying egg hens farming the automation equipment, some chicken farm also have felt the breeding efficiency and benefits of automation, as well as advantages.
Now from the poultry equipment laying egg hens cage every farmers are not strange, it is the main breeding chicken now the equipment and method of laying hens, laying hens cage adopts multi-layer caged, not only can increase the quantity a lot of chickens, and multi-layer breeding for farmers raising management, improve the breeding benefit, now on the market cage layers are divided into cascading and two types of type for the farmers to choose, is to realize the automation of breeding hens cage indispensable equipment.
Followed by poultry production automatic feeding equipment, the use of automatic feeding machine can solve the farmers artificial feeding time is long, grasp the bad feeding amount, cage layers are a lot of problems, such as the upper chickens fed difficult automatic feeder need only farmers operate steps can realize automatic feeding, timing quantitative, reduce the waste of feed, is one of the typical automation equipment.
Hen-house environment pollution mostly comes from chickens to produce waste, farmers a lot of work every day, artificial nightsoil unavoidably not in time, this can make chicken manure residue, hen house produces a large number of bacteria and ammonia, affect the health of the chickens, also the use of automation manure removal equipment automatically night-soil, and clean up very clean, farmers easier then automation manure removal equipment is divided into scraper conveyor belt manure removal and dung manure removal machine two kinds.
Automatic farming  laying egg hens main purpose is to let the poultry prolific eggs, improve economic efficiency, more breeding laying hens, chicken group much more eggs a day, pick up eggs machine automation can send eggs from a cage to a place together, let the workers pick up eggs without running around, from one place can operation, reduce the labor, but increases the work efficiency, so as to achieve the effect of the cost savings.
These are the main automation farming equipment needed by the egg chicken automation equipment, hoping to help the farmers.
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