Automatic poultry farming equipment

With the continuous improvement of people’s living standards over the years, the price of hired labor is constantly on the rise. In order to adapt to the trend of development, liberating the labor force so that farmers can easily raise chickens and expand the scale of raising chickens, we strive to build a modernized poultry farming equipment, for modern chicken has made a huge change.
In the past, there were very few large-scale chicken farms, the prices of equipment were extremely high, breeding chicken farming depends entirely on manpower. Feeding, watering and disinfection are also not automated, they also need to clean chicken manure and so on, which requires a lot of manpower particularly troublesome.
Today, the introduction of advanced technologies in poultry farming has not only transformed a series of automated poultry breeding equipment such as automatic feeders, chicken cages, automatic drinking water systems and automatic dung removal systems, but also liberated the labor force and increased benefits the poultry farming.

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automatic poultry farming equipment

Currently, automated poultry farming equipment is divided into ladder automation equipment and cascading automation equipment, next we talk about cascading farming equipment.
Automated cascade cages must have high-precision automation equipment to complete the entire flock breeding process, first of all we have to ensure the durability of the cage.
Conveyor-type automatic dung removal machine not only dry and hygienic, save labor, but also reduce the cross-infection caused by environmental pollution, effectively prevent the disease.
The automatic egg collecting system has the advantages of scientific and reasonable structure, long life, easy operation, time saving and labor saving, fast collecting speed, low damage rate, greatly improving working efficiency, reducing manual input and reducing feeding cost, and is an ideal equipment for upgrading the poultry industry.
These years is the rapid development of poultry breeding automation equipment, highly prosperous period, let us seize the opportunity to get better development, let poultry road more walk more long.