The automatic poultry farm equipment will become a farming trend

With the development of poultry farming automation equipment manufacturing, and poultry farming equipment constantly updated. Poultry farming equipment industry is becoming more and more fierce competition, the farming equipment throughout the breed relative investment in reducing unceasingly, makes the automatic hen-house across a wide range of popularity. With the increase of labor cost and management cost, farmers are actively developing towards moderate scale, standardization, automation and intelligent breeding. “Human tube equipment, equipment raise chicken” will become more and more common, future automatic poultry farming equipment must become the choice of poultry industry industry.

What is automatic poultry farm equipment?

Automatic poultry farm equipment is now farmers one of the important farming method. This method is to poultry farming in cages, and according to the different variety, size, and planning models of cages. And equipped with manure removal, feeding, pick up eggs, ventilation cooling large automatic poultry equipment, such as large automatic poultry equipment mainly improve breeding density, feed reduce saving, is conducive to the of the chickens epidemic prevention etc advantages.

Automatic poultry farm equipment can used in layer chicken farm, chicks and broiler farm. Whether it is a layer farm, a broiler farm or a brooder farm, the automatic poultry farm equipment used usually includes poultry farming cages, feeding equipment, water supply equipment, manure cleaning equipment and environmental control equipment. Of course, laying hen farms also need to add automatic egg collection equipment. The automation of poultry farming equipment is to manage poultry more effectively and improve egg and broiler production. Investing in automatic poultry equipment can lead to significant cost savings for poultry farmers in the long run. While the upfront costs may seem high, the benefits of increased efficiency and productivity, along with reduced labor and energy costs, can outweigh the initial investment.

automatic poultry farm equipment

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Main automatic poultry farm equipment for chickens

Poultry farming cages automation equipment including laying hens cage, broiler cage, brood cage three. Most farmers are now using a battery cage, the battery cage feeding convenient save space, can effectively prevent infectious diseases, improve the survival rate of chicken, thus improve the economic benefit.
Manure removal poultry farming automation system, widely used in the caged animals out of excrement and urine, can realize unmanned management, automatic timing dung, easy operation, automatic manual arbitrary transformation. Equipment adopts caterpillar manure removal to clean up don’t need a lot of people, not only can easy management and chicken manure as manure removal equipment run to the end fall into night-soil belt sent to pull dung away and can improve the inner environment, reduce the happening of the disease.
Poultry farming feeding equipment of the feeder has a unique structure, novel and practical, save time and effort, feeding uniform, less wear, use dc motor driving, low noise, easy operation, flexible steering, switching the space is little, convenient maintenance, so it was very popular among farmers, the feeding machine not only saves time, but also the liberation of human. Feeding machine directly feed, safety, convenience, energy saving, no noise, chicken reaction is small, very convenient.
Poultry farming automatic egg collection equipment is large laying hens farms and essential equipment, set the egg machine main function is to transfer the eggs from the cage to a place together, so that the workers pick up eggs without running around, from one place to pick up, reduce the pick up egg industry labor, but increases the work efficiency, so as to achieve the effect of the cost savings.

Advantages of automatic poultry farm equipment

1. Improve production efficiency, greatly increase production capacity, and have significant economic benefits

Fully automatic chicken raising equipment uses multi layer poultry farming cages. Compared with flat farming, the breeding capacity in the same house can be increased by 3-5 times. In addition, chickens have limited space for movement, so they can save more energy for egg and meat production.

In addition, automatic poultry equipment is used to feed , supply water, collect eggs, clean manure, etc., which greatly improves production efficiency. The economic benefits of the same chicken house after using automation equipment are generally much higher than before.

2. Reduce land use, reduce manpower, and significantly reduce production costs

If chickens are raised on flat floors , they will take up more space. And if automatic poultry farming cages are used, the density will be high. This improves land utilization to a great extent and reduces land lease costs.

Use automated chicken raising equipment to raise chickens,a chicken house may only need 1-2 people to manage. Therefore, the labor cost of farmers can be saved, and the cost of employing labor can be reduced.  

3. Easy to manage, reduce breeding risk and improve scientific management

Chickens grow in  poultry farming cages, unlike flat chickens that run around. Therefore, chickens raised in automated poultry farming cages are more convenient to manage. Workers can better observe the condition of the chickens in the poultry farming cage, and if there are symptoms, they can deal with them in time.

The automation equipment realizes automatic management of temperature, humidity, ventilation, lighting, fan, wet curtain, etc., In addition, the manure cleaning machine can remove the manure of the chickens in time, and reduce the chance of bacteria and ammonia in the chicken house.

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Choose right automatic poultry farm equipment manufacturer

Automatic poultry farming equipment, as the name implies, with the development of science and technology leading the industrial revolution, chicken automatic poultry equipment including automatic feeding machine, automatic manure removal equipment, automatic egg collection equipment? automatic temperature control system, etc., as the human more and more expensive, many farmers in order to save labor costs, more and more farmers began to use automatic poultry equipment, which is the result of industrialization is more and more advanced, so, how to select automation equipment has also become a trial to each of the farmers, what causes such result? Because there are too many poultry farm equipment manufacturers and the equipment is similar, but the production process is uneven, the quality is also very different, so how to choose? My suggestion is to choose our Zhengzhou Livi Machinery Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.